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I have been wanting to start a series here for awhile about some of the tools I use as a designer + crafter. I am very hands on with my work and although I adore the convenience of working with digital tools (like the Adobe suite and my beloved Mac) what I really relish is being able to work with my hands. That is one of the reasons I launched with rubber stamps in my business, it’s so gratifying to be able to create something with ‘professional’ results with something so humble.  One of my favorite finds is the Xyron machine which turns just about anything into a sticker/label by adding adhesive to the back. It comes in multiple sizes, I own both the small one below and the full-size one, where you can run a full 9″ wide sheet through.

Sticker Maker I Besotted Blog

The Xyron offers multiple adhesive option cartridges, from permanent to semi-permanent (so you can easily reposition) and even has a laminate + magnet cartridge available. They aren’t the most aesthetically beautiful machines.  I so wish I could have my own craft tool line, I would design tools that were simple + clean so you could leave them out. These purple monstrosities are hidden deep in my craft closet. Purple? Le sigh. The newer versions are a tad easier on the eye. Even though I cringe when I see them, they do perform their task extremely well.  You can even run ribbon + fabric through the machine which opens up so many creative possibilities.  If you are planning to DIY your wedding or special event this machine would make a great investment, you could create seals for your envelopes, envelope liners, labels for favors, the options are endless! If you are trying to build a creative craft arsenal I highly recommend adding a Xyron to the mix.

Have you ever tried one of these before?  If so, what did you make with them?

P.S. I finished Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children it was not creepy at all, it was quite delightful + original and I am chomping at the bit to see the movie and read the upcoming sequel! Now I need to find another book for February so I can complete my 12 books in 12 months!

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Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups.


  1. I love finding out about all of these new fangled machines… I had no idea. Jac paper was a revelation to me in design school, this… wow. How amazing would it be to have good looking tools? Some of these devices make me shudder. I suppose as long as they do the job… At the risk of making my comment extremely long, I just finished Miss Peregrines too, as my first book in my 12 months 12 books goal for 2013. Great minds, huh ;)

  2. so agreed about the sequel anticipation! have you read wildwood yet? it may be too similar in style to be your next book, but that I the one I am on now :) usually I try to alternate fiction and non-fiction, you?

  3. A friend just told me about Rules of Civility (, which she really enjoyed. I have purchased it on my iPad but haven’t started it yet – want to do a virtual book club? :)
    Love Xyron! Am with you on the purple (and the gold and lime green packaging? eeeeeeww), but love the product. I imagine yours in a gorgeous white. :)
    xx, j

  4. Kitty this is a really fun machine, I love to run ribbon through it! 12 in 12 is a great goal and feels like something I can actually accomplish, lol.

  5. Hi Jillian! Ah, I am writing that down, that is definitely a book I want to read. I usually veer more to non-fiction, but then I read something like Miss Peregrine and wonder why I am not reading more fiction, it was so delightful! I loved the escapism of it.

  6. Yes! Let’s do a virtual book club! How would that work? I am so down!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could design these craft tools? I would design them so they could be left out and be beautiful + functional. I love that Martha’s tools are nice and simple but she doesn’t make a Xyron or some of the other items I am going to be showing that are seriously great finds but I am wondering how I am going to photograph and put up on the blog without being too embarrassed!

  7. Preaching to the choir, sister! I am SO with you on this one! A while back Xyron used to send me new products to test and my initial response was… Fantastic! But can you make them not so… orange/purple/preschool-ish? A couple years before Martha’s products came out, I pitched a line of crafting materials with clean lines and neutral colors. No luck. I am glad Martha finally did it, but I wish other companies would follow suit. Martha has partnered with Cricut before, so maybe Xyron will be next. It is very difficult to keep photography clean with the majority of DIY tools we currently have available. I would so buy your line of crafting materials!

  8. Kimberly–word! I think someone needs to hear our siren cries of not ugly tools, right? You have such great taste that they were dumb not to have listened to you! Maybe I will have to make my own line as I have pitched as well and been ignored. I can imagine the line in my head and it would be beautiful (pinky promise).

  9. The Xyron is a cool tool but I never thought of some of the stuff you mentioned. But I am only a part-time crafter. Just finished the book this weekend. Couldn’t put it down. Kinda reminded me of Harry Potter. But I did not know there was a sequel or a movie. I looked to see if he had written another but didn’t see it in the copy I had. Passed it along to my daughter. I will have to check out these other suggestions. & I haven’t read for a while so you are a good influence.

  10. Debe, I bought this machine with the idea of putting fabric + ribbon in it, it’s also great for photos! I agree that Miss Peregrine’s had a Harry Potter vibe to it, I think it was SO creative and the photos were not as creepy when you learn about the personalities of the characters. I read on the author’s blog that Tim Burton was chosen to direct the film and that he was working on a sequel. I LOVE that you read because of moi, I am always trying to get people to read, because I hate not being able to talk to someone about either a book I loved (or hated). I am basically a 100 year old woman stuck in a younger woman’s body-the reading, the lettering, sewing, penchant for tea and fainting. I should have been born in the Victorian era, lol.

  11. about to start miss peregrine…just finished What Remains by Carole Radziwill and Just Kids by Patti Smith…highly recommend both…your blog is lovely btw.

  12. I’ve had my eye on one of these Xyron sticker makers at a local scrapbooking store…perhaps time to just buy the darn thing already!

  13. I bought my Xyron about 5yrs ago and use it all the time. There are the obvious uses like stickers, magnets and laminating but I like to make decorative “tape” out of patterned tissue paper, novelty paper napkins, wrapping paper, silk, etc. I ditto the the comment on the unattractive color and design!!! I like to leave all of my “goodies” out in my studio which is all white. Wish the craft industry would make all tools and gadgets in either white or some neutral color palette……. Then they wouldn’t distract from anyones creative space!

  14. Sara, they really do come in handy and they have multiple sizes so you can figure out the one that works the best for you!

    P.S. Micheal’s + A.C. Moore usually run 40%-50% off coupons once a week!

  15. Tracy I SO agree, I would love to have my tools at the ready but they are so ugly and most are purple! The next tool I am showing next week was purple (I painted it). Grr! I love the idea of decorative tape from tissue paper! I make the tape with the ribbon and when I use fabric I will make tape strips from that too!

  16. I love learning about new tools [even if I’m not really creative… haha] but I like the idea about the virtual bookclub! I’d be in! :) I think I’ll have to add Miss Peregrine to my read booklist.

  17. Jill, it’s a good one to add to the arsenal you could make custom seals when you send off your beautiful creations!

  18. Jasmine, everyone can be creative! The stamps help, seriously:) I will have to pow wow with Jill and see how we can make the virtual book club happen, I think it would be a blast too!

  19. I am just glad you were born in this era! I just love reading your blog and going where you send us! You are perfect where you are! 100 years ago….there weren’t blogs and how could you share such magic?

  20. Thank you Debe! I am glad I am around now too! I know that people think the internet makes people less social, but I think it has made my life so much more enriched and I have met (be it virtually) so many wonderful individual like you!

  21. Laughed out loud at your comment about white tools. I frequently purchase Martha Stewart’s stuff JUST BECAUSE it’s all white. I can’t deal with the visual clutter of all the insanely ugly craft ‘machines’ and gadgets out there. It influences my purchases FREQUENTLY. I don’t understand how companies can’t see how a clean, sleek, look (um, apple anyone!?) just flies off the shelf. When you’re ready to come up with a line, get in touch ; ))

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