When I first started Besotted Brand I cut every.single. stamp by hand, mounted it on cling cushion and adhered it to lucite. It was a long and arduous process, a labor of love for sure.  Thankfully, I am at a point in the growth of the company where I can invest in having the stamps mounted at the factory.  I do have a lot of sets that have not been mounted and I would love to get them into some extremely crafty individuals hands (these are best left to the d.i.y. segment that have the verve + patience to do the mounting). There’s over 21 stamps in the set (I will add in extras for the proud new owners). This is a huge discount compared to the pre-mounted stamps.  I won’t be having these unmounted stamps again, so I would love to make room for future mounted inventory. I have counted 7 sets of the above but I haven’t finished cutting into all the plates so the quantity may grow and my fingers may be getting more blisters (ah, the things I do for you). I also have 12 sets of unmounted alphabets, which I will be adding as well. It’s a regular smorgasbord of unmounted goodness! You can pick your set up here.
P.S. I am adding new items daily!


  1. Iris, it’s fixed (my mistake)! Of course all Besotted Brand items are always available worldwide;) Thanks for the heads up!

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