With blistered fingers I have cut four more sets, for you my dear, anything and everything for you. It only took me nearly 24 hours to complete, it seems like a total good use of my time, no? I have uploaded the listings to Etsy and they are there for the taking.  Each order comes with an additional goodie bag of stamps that I am too lazy to shoot and let you know what they are (I promise they are awesome).  I love a good surprise, you?  After these sets are sold I do have more sets with a different configuration of stamps and some already pre-mounted on cling cushion!  I was going through the inventory and I was shocked to find these rogue stamps staring up at me and asking, ‘what about us?’ I need to take a cutting break and then I will start again and get to shooting the next round.  There will probably be more sentiments and less motifs, but I won’t know until I dig in and at this juncture I am completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. First world problems folks. Enjoy!