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I originally had another vision for this download, more modern + graphic patterns (thanks to Michelle P. a pattern genius); but I am currently re-reading the classics and am deep into Jane Eyre so my inspiration is currently of another era. I wanted to take some of my lettering practice and incorporate it into the download, the middle one is one of the fab realistic calligraphy fonts I shared with you last week (Jacques & Gilles).  I love to read and I love collecting books, nothing can compare to the feel and smell of a paper book but I am reading (and loving) Jane Eyre on my Kindle. Almost all the classics are available on the Kindle for free. Do you have any idea how this delights me? I love my Kindle because I never lose my place and I can look-up words on the fly.  It amazes me how many words I can look up in a single reading where as if I was reading a ‘real’ book I may have made a note or two to look something up, but may or may not have actually gone the extra mile to do so. After every reading session I feel a bit of accomplishment. That being said, these bookplates are for your paper book collection.  You don’t have to listen to me, but my suggestion is to print them on textured paper and use archival glue (okay or one of those archival tape thingies) to paste them in your books.  You could print out a bunch put them in a glassine envelope or muslin bag and give as a gift. Of course you can always go the easiest route and just print them on a full label sheet. Scissors will give you a more homemade look, but a nice Exacto knife, straight edge ruler (make sure it has a cork back) and cutting mat will give you beautiful, professional results.  Just click here to download, enjoy!

P.S. Any suggestions for my next classic tome I should read?


  1. These are gorgeous! Love. I think these would make a great inspiration for an amazing ladies brunch party :)

    PS: I cant seem to download them from that link – i get a 404 error. But Ill try again from home.

  2. Oh, Miss B–this is the nicest thing EVER! Thank you so.

    I just finished Dorothy L. Sayer’s The Complete Stories, which I quite enjoyed (not exactly a classic tome, but, you know). I love The Count of Monte Cristo, Les Miserables, Vanity Fair–pretty much anything from Jane Austen. And I’m reading Dracula on my phone (it might take me awhile since I only read when I’m waiting for something :)

  3. Thank you Amy! I read the last of the Girl with a dragon tattoo series on my phone, I still question my sanity!

    Jane Austen is on my list, I read so many of these stories as a kid and its so interesting to re-read as an adult, so many little nuances. The best re-read is the Sherlock Holmes series SO cheeky!

  4. Without a doubt – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. My 7th grade English teacher made us read this story (against our will, lol), and I’m so glad that she did. It’s been a long time, so I just downloaded it for free on Kindle to re-read it again someday. :)

  5. Classics are available for FREE on the Kindle? How did I not know this? These are gorgeous – love those stripes! Keep those patterns in your back pocket for another time, I just know you’ll do something amazing with them!

  6. Dondrea, Great Expectations, now that would be a good re-read! Thanks for the reminder.

    Michelle, indeed classics are free on the Kindle! I know it’s miraculous, it’s like the library but better, kinda. And I have future ideas for your patterns, you’ll see…

    Hi Kathy! My bestie mentioned she was going to be reading Anne of Green Gables again, so funny you should mention it, I think I will be downloading that as well:)

  7. I just “found” your blog and it’s made my day! Seriously gorgeous!
    Do read “Pride and Prejudice” if you haven’t already, I’m plowing my way through War and Peace by Tolstoy at the moment, it’s a good one but a bit of a brick. The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman was also very good although not a classic -Yet.

  8. Hi Miss B,
    I’ve just discovered your lovely blog and all the gorgeous digital treats you give away. So I thought it only fair to share a book suggestion as a tiny way of saying thanks :)
    Illyrian Spring by Ann Bridge. A ‘modern’ classic, but still just as lovely! (not sure if it’s free on kindle though?:)

  9. Thanks. Good Luck with your business! Don’t know how you will have time to read with a new baby bur believe it or not Dr. Spock is pretty good! Away from baby topics try The Joy Luck Club and The Book Thief (both great movies)!

  10. Read about your bookplates in Country Living and had to get right on your blog. Really like them but they will not download. You click on the download link and nothing happens. After looking at HTML you don’t have a download link, just the word download that stays on same page. Could you please fix this? Thank you.

    1. Hi Tammy, thank you for stopping by! I have exceeded my bandwith for January, but it will reset in February, come back then (early) and you will have access to all the downloads again! Sorry for the inconvenience, we definitely had a busier than usual month with the mention:)

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