I am feeling overwhelmed with a sense of deep gratitude to all those that read this blog and for those lovely ladies that have taken the time to include mentions on their beautiful blogs about Besotted. Brand.  As many of you that had read my previous Blahg may know I have been working tirelessly to launch my Besotted Brand shop.  I have had a bunch of bumps in the road getting to the launch but I am closer with every day and it looks like I may be doing a soft launch next week. I know, I can’t quite believe it either.  It’s true though.  If you have any interest, may I suggest you sign-up for the mailing list to be the first one to know about the opening? I promise to only write you when I think you would like to hear from me or I have something really, really special to share with you. I have to be honest, I am a bit terrified and of course thrilled, which I suppose is the same sensation as a roller coaster, no? 
And without further ado, thank you’s are in order to:
Miss Ez of Creature Comforts, do I really need to mention why I would be flabbergasted to be featured on Ez’s blog?  Surely you all can agree that it would be the highlight of any bloggerista’s day.
Miss Roseline of This is Glamorous, I am floored that someone with such impeccable taste as Roseline would deem my floral photo’s good enough for her blog-wow.
Miss Nicole of Making it Lovely, it is truly an honor to be included on your honor roll.
Miss Julieta of Pancakes & French Fries, I read P&FF regularly and I am almost always guaranteed a guffaw will ensue. Jules is always very supportive of my Beauty School posts which makes my obsession  with cosmetics justified when she links to me.
Again, thank you all for taking the time to visit and especially to those that leave me little notes. I know it is time consuming but it really makes my day.  I apologize in advance that I am not much of a commenter, I always get thumb-tied and have no idea what to write but know that I try to visit you all and your visits here are greatly appreciated.

9 thoughts on “WHY, THANK YOU KINDLY

  1. Yes, am I ever glad that ‘This is Glamorous’ had posted your beautiful photography. I was so enamored with your peonies that I just had to click and find out who was behind the photograph. Now I find myself backtracking to your previous posts, and am still not done.
    So, thank you, for providing new inspiration for me. Cannot wait to see what you have in store;)


  2. Miss Kate, thanks for the link, yes Jules and I do share the elephant obsession and ‘Mikey Says’ was one of my favorite all time posts.

    Miss Justine, thank you for dropping by! So thrilled that you would take the time to go through the old posts and so happy that you liked my photo’s!


    Miss B.

  3. So happy to find your site!! I am very excited to see your shop!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

  4. Remember that commercial with the woman parked on a lawn chair outside the store? Open, open, open…can’t wait to see what you have in store! (No pun intended)

  5. Oooohhhh! I’m so excited to see all your Betsotted Brand goodies when you soft launch next week! I’ve signed up on your email list and will be waiting by my e-mailbox holding my breath. I’m so excited!

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