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This week went a little too fast, is it already over?  I will be working through the weekend but I would prefer if time would slow down an eensy bit. I feel like hyperventilating as the due date for my baby with no name approaches, this time in my life is both thrilling and terrifying, much like a roller coaster ride. We had an amazing ultrasound yesterday wherein I could see that she looks exactly like…a sumo wrestler, a little old man sumo wrestler but a sumo wrestler for sure.  She has super chubby cheeks, a full head of hair and she smiled, yes a smile, we have proof, most definitely a smiling sumo.

Magpie Paperworks has released another font, does this woman sleep?  I don’t think so. I used it in the graphic above, it’s called Dasha and you need to see the samples on the Magpie site to really get a feel for the beauty of this font.  I see this being used for a bunch of holiday greetings, it’s a keeper. For you lovely reader Jess is giving you a discount of 25% off (promo code BESOTTED) it’s already a steal but steal it for even less (until Nov 14th)! As always Jess packs her fonts with so many extras-a full set of alternate caps? What? Swash features, who doesn’t love a good swash/swoosh? Seriously now.

Talking calligraphy has me all giddy, did you read Bailey’s interview?  If you are interested in modern calligraphy what are you waiting for?  Bailey really served up some serious great advice + resources for you on a silver platter.  Also, I am giving away another copy of Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe (a resource Bailey recommends) so go leave a comment on the post!

Being this pregnant has not been conducive to cooking anything too inspired but this recipe has been a life saver, once you have the basics down you can really get creative. This meal is so simple + easy and yes, it can even be adapted for vegetarians as well!  I have made this about six different ways since I first discovered it and my husband has declared he could eat it every single day.  At this point he may just have to, I am really not feeling the motivation to cook. If I were I would try some of these beauties.

I had high hopes for this hyper pigmentation product.  I am 2 weeks in and nothing, zilch, zero results. Is this a big ol’ goose egg of a product?  I will let you know soon enough, pinky promise.

I have started and stopped reading a variety of baby ‘how-to’ books, one on sleeping actually has put me to sleep multiple times (it works). I have to say I haven’t read anything for pure pleasure in forever, but I would like to any suggestions?  Amazon has started suggesting actual children’s books for me it looks like they think I would like Victorian inspired tales such as Lois Lowry’s  The Willoughby’s, and The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (it’s a series).

And with that I will leave you for the weekend remember ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ words of wisdom from Mr. McFerrin, btw Ferrin is a pretty good name, hmmm?…..

7 thoughts on “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY…

  1. Just thought I’d chime in about the book suggestions! We did The Sleep Easy Solution and it worked like a miracle. Hopefully you won’t need it. Hadley was a terrible sleeper, but this did the trick. I found it on A Cup of Jo when I was one night away from being a walking zombie :)

  2. Hello Miss Tristan B…
    I so enjoy stopping by your blog. I am a big fan of handwriting and enjoy your lettering immensely. Maybe some day I’ll try my hand at it.
    You mentioned your disappointment with a certain hyper pigmentation product. I, too, have tried MANY and none have given me the results I’ve seen with Rodan and Fields Redefine line. It’s so good, I started representing their entire line of anti-aging products. You should check them out when you get a moment. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. The only thing to lose is those brown spots!

  3. That’s good to know about the Rodan & Fields, my best friend was representing them and I didn’t believe her on the treatment, maybe I will give it another look! Thank you for the tip + kind words!

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