MMXIII Week 3 V Besotted BlogI have made it to week 3!  Not much of an accomplishment if you are thinking, ‘it’s only one photo a week Miss B. ‘. True, it’s only one, but it’s amazing how even one, becomes a mind numbingly difficult task in my hands.  I have been shooting all week, here and there, but what I was anxiously anticipating  was a snow day.  The news reports this week would have you believing that we were in for a storm that would blanket my world with layers of beautiful, fluffy white snow vistas. I could barely sleep the night before said storm was supposed to land, making a mental checklist of the types of photographs I was going to create.  I awoke early the next morning to find the world outside looking less winter wonderland and more apocalyptic. I don’t have much experience with snow, so I was unprepared for snow that ‘doesn’t stick’, meaning it lands in clumps and then melts leaving your yard and the surrounding areas messy, squishy mud piles of gook.  I went from blissfully inspired to freaking out about walking my two white dogs through this mire. I have become pretty adept at working with the light I have instead of ruing it, but I have to be honest these moody shots are bringing me down.  I am not embracing the dark & mysterious, in fact I am resenting it.  I like the storm shots, they feel modern and abstract, but really there’s only so many I can take, right?  When I was in a photo rut before I would shoot florals and I felt very inspired doing so, but flowers are hard to come by where I am. The only flowers I can get at the store are ugly mixed bouquets of tight mass manufactured roses mixed in with the saddest daisies this side of the Mississippi. Farmer’s markets are no better, I missed out on Peony, Ranunculus and Tulip  season.  I honestly did not know that flowers would be an issue here, I thought that if I went to a Farmers market I would be able to get the flowers I wanted, I was wrong.   I am not going to stop my 52 because of a little light or subject issues, but I am going to have to try even harder to produce something that happy with. I did win a much coveted film camera in an online auction, I still can’t believe I got it for under $30! It’s worth a lot more, so I am hoping it works and I can explore more film with this project.  The two images that I developed with my last roll of film are amongst my favorite to date.  What about you?  Are you doing a photo project?  Are you struggling with what to shoot? Have you been exploring film or want to?


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