MMXIII_WK2_BESOTTEDBLOGI have made it to week two of my photo project!  It was easy this week, because the world was so photogenic.  We had a strange heat front that came into town and made our little nestle of woods rife with fog + moodiness. I absolutely love it when it’s foggy, it makes every image feel dreamy and otherworldly.  This shot was taken at the beginning of my neighbors woods, a word that I only had a vague idea of what it meant prior to living here.  I remember being on the phone with my friend early into our move and telling her that we found a house right next to a ‘little forest’, and she responded, ‘you mean the woods?’.  Yes, that is what I meant, but didn’t know it when the previous descriptive plopped out of my mouth. All the formerly lush trees have lost their leaves and are just skeleton branches now, which makes for a nice winter eeriness. It was nice to have an ‘assignment’ and deadline to shoot, I work well with both and it had me motivated to shoot all week.  It’s not too late to join us on Flickr and upload your photos each week, it’s very casual, just get your photo up each week or edit a photo that you shot previously that is just sitting on your hard drive collecting virtual cobwebs. Are any of you doing a photo project?  Let me know I will come visit!

5 thoughts on “MMXIII WEEK II

  1. Tristan, are you planning an A-Z in February?
    If so, I won’t use alphabet prompts during the rest of project MMXIII.
    I missed joining the goup last year and did one on my own (not so much fun doing it alone)

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