I have given myself a little photography assignment these last days left here in the City of Angels. The assignment should work out well since Souvenir Foto School has just started. I’m having a blast with class, I always do, it’s the most ambitious session to date, our last chapter update to the virtual textbook brought our page count to 50 pages and we are only on week two!  Michelle P. my co-professor and myself gave ourselves a crash course in InDesign, before class started. You will never know how motivated you are until you decide to learn an Adobe program in 8 hours.  My self-imposed assignment is to take photographs of people and places I don’t want to forget in Los Angeles. Yes, the ocean will be on my list, Malibu of course. I want a few iconic palm tree lined street shots, I think that will call for a trip to Beverly Hills. While I am there, the City Hall building is quite stunning. There’s fuchsia bougainvillea spilling on to white stucco and lemon trees against bright blue skies to be captured . We haven’t even left and I am starting to feel all blubbery and nostalgic.  On the flip side my husband and I were looking at kayak and canoe rentals since there’s a lake about 20 minutes away from where we are looking to move (our temporary place until we find a house). I have never once taken a kayak out in Los Angeles, so I’m trying to keep focusing on all the upsides and that seems like a pretty good one. Do any of you live close enough to a lake to go kayaking or canoeing? Should I be afraid of leeches? I am already worried sick about mosquitoes!

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  1. That sounds so exciting! I can’t say that I’ve kayaked in a lake, but there is a nice little river about a half hour drive from my house where lots of little houses give kayaks and canoes for rent. The river just has a tiny current, but it’s enough to make it seem like an adventure! I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered leeches in the wild, though. I hope you go and that you’ll have fun!

  2. MissB, you will love kayaking. we kayak from our backyard (we live on a saltwater pond which goes out a river to a bay to the ocean)…it is so peaceful and quiet and easy…plus you will be able to photograph from your kayak…what new and exciting things await you in your new home! P.S. no leeches in fresh lakes that I am aware of!

  3. Masha that river sounds do cool! I am happy to hear you haven’t encountered leeches in the wild, that’s the only thing I know about lakes! Claire, where you live sounds like heaven! Once I am settled on the East Coast I so want to come visit you and kayak from your backyard, that’s amazing! Denise a seakayak! You kayak in the ocean? I dis that in Hawaii, but it was to this tiny island and there were no waves it was so fun, but I wouldn’t dare do it here in Malibu, it seems like you would be taken out to sea and never come back (and sharks!)

    I can’t wait! I also can’t wait to get mini life vests for my fur babies!

  4. We live in the triangle, and my husband often goes kayak fishing on Jordan Lake. I can say I’ve never encountered a leech in all my time in NC — and I spent my childhood splashing through creeks. Mosquitoes and ticks are another story, and because we’ve had such a mild winter they’re supposed to be particularly bad this year. But don’t worry, all of that nature will be worth it!

  5. Hi Megan! I didn’t realize you lived in the triangle, how are you feeling? Mosquitoes and ticks?!! EEEK! I need to know how to prevent them from attacking me, both freak me out!

  6. Yes, I grew up in eastern NC but work in Durham now and we live in Holly Springs. Went to school in Chapel Hill (go heels!) and have lived in Raleigh as well. I’m so glad you “picked” us! I’m doing well, just found out we’re having a girl :) As far as the bugs, just getting some strong insect repellent is the best bet when you’ll be outside. I’ve been seeing lots of homemade “recipes” on Pinterest lately if you want to avoid the chemicals. And ticks — well the best method is to do a thorough “check” when you get back inside, if you know what I mean. And make sure the pooch gets a good dose of Frontline. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a tick (if I have it’s been so long ago I don’t remember), but the husband and dog get about one or two a year.

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