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I haven’t made a new years resolution in years, they just never pan out like I had intended, even with the most earnest and motivated of intentions. I’d often last a week or so and come to a crashing halt (and feelings of failure). I don’t know if it’s semantics or not or if resolutions generally tend to be more along the lines of cutting things out then adding them in, but I basically have switched from resolutions to goals and it generally suits me much better.  Last year with a new baby and being a bit shell shocked I didn’t do much planning other than to one day get some sleep again (eventually later in the year I finally did!)  This year I am making up for last and may have gotten a bit goal gluttonous but let’s see how it goes!

So I have made this a little more loose than I otherwise would (I am a bit of a tightly wound creature and thrive on structure), but I am a new mom and I need to be a little more malleable than I have been in the past.  I decided on the following 2015 projects + goals (these are just of the creative kind, business + life will be shared in another post):

365 days of Gratitude-This is a hard one to share because well, I don’t think I will ever be able to share them with you! They would be too personal for both myself and the recipient.  I have been writing a thank you note a day and plan to continue for the remainder of the year. I wanted to do this for tenfold, I love the idea of expressing my gratitude of course but I also wanted to get over my criticalness of my penmanship. Penmanship for me is different from lettering, even with lettering I don’t feel competent enough to letter one sentence, let alone multiple ones that are meant to be heartfelt (and legible). I am hoping an added bonus for this project would be a massive improvement in this area. Btw, to make sure I would be able to follow through and this was a feasible project, I started practicing+ writing at the beginning of December, so far so good. This man did it and it changed his life!

Lettering-I really wanted to bring back my lettering practice.  I think I stopped lettering a few months into my pregnancy and didn’t start again until a few weeks ago.  I am so happy I did! I love to just be able to zone out and work with my hands. I decided to do just that and really take ‘practice’ literally. My 365 project is to pen a word a day (this came about after not being able to choose just one mantra/goal word for 2015, typical). I have been practicing different iterations of the word and then uploading to Instagram. I chose to do it this way so I can be accountable. I am open (and would welcome) any other lettering enthusiasts that would like to join in! We can use the hashtag #365lettering

Photo-Of course I am going to add a photo project here! I have an idea for a series that I have been playing around with. I am not sure how it will be received but I am excited about it.  I have never been great about putting together a series and this feels right. I want to be able to blow some of the images up huge like this exhibit! What? Too ambitious? Actually, I just want to do some printing any size printing since I am often guilty of keeping my photos on my hard drive. Once I have more of the series in order I am sure I will be sharing a peek!

E.-I wanted to do a project that included my daughter. I recently read an article on Rachel Hullin photographer/mom that wrote the book, ‘Flying Henry’. I got wildly inspired and knew that E. would love a book with her featured in it (most babies love babies and also seeing themselves, so I think it would be a hit for her). I have been outlining some ideas for it and hopefully can pull it off before the end of the year. If I am successful I plan to get it made into a custom board book for her since she seems to really enjoy trying to crumple paper pages of books!

I have some other not so pressing creative endeavors like sketching more, but that’s more a life long goal and not limited to just this year. What about you?  I would love to hear your plans + projects for 2015!  I feel if you publicly ‘claim’ them then there’s more of a chance that they will come into fruition, besides it’s great to have your friends cheer you on, so leave them below, I’ll be here for you!

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14 thoughts on “365 PROJECTS + NEW YEARS GOALS

  1. i really like the 365 days of gratitude. and i may copy you. the world can use a bit more of people reaching out to other people to let them know they’re loved/appreciated/have worth.

    xx + happy new year to you.

    1. Jane, I hope you do! It is already having such a positive effect on me (a nice sense of accomplishment). I thought I was grateful before, but sitting down each night and writing out a heartfelt thank you really makes a difference. I am not sending everyday as I think that would derail the project if I forgot to or time got away from me, but even seeing a pile of finished letters ready to be sent to the post is fulfilling. The little things;) Btw, I did forget to get cute stamps and still haven’t gone to the post yet and it has pained me to use ugly flag ones, but I am still sending them, ugly stamps and all!

  2. Oooh I love your one word a day! I will join you on that one actually! I also started modern calligraphy and hand lettering in October last year and I am in love with it, I do not practice as often as I should so this will definitely help!
    I have smaller projects that I really want to do: I love animals and want to improve my sketching skills, so I will do a 30 Day project of drawing one animal per day (polar bear, bunny… all these cuties!) as I am still trying to find my inner art style! Then I also want to have a photo project but I will leave that for spring to decide :) Great post!!! x

    1. Oh, I really like how you are breaking the projects up into seasons/months, makes it a lot easier to tackle! Sketching animals is my very fave, actually it’s the only thing I can sketch, lol. I would like to get more well rounded in my repertoire, I think it would be so much fun to just be able to acquire the skill to be able to travel and sketch a scene. Katie Rogers of Paper Fashion taught a couple watercolor classes and shows her trips to Paris via her sketchbook, it was so lovely seeing the art store she was going to visit, little things that would otherwise seem mundane translated into little works of art!

    1. Janneke, I hope it’s interesting, at least in my head it seems interesting, lol. I just watched this class on Skillshare about creating a series, so it has given me more framework + motivation. You don’t need to be a working photographer to be able to enjoy her simple explanations on series and cohesion:)

  3. Very inspiring, Tristan! I can’t wait to find out about the photo series you’ve been thinking about. I’ve been trying to get started on some 2015 projects too, but I can’t seem to get any traction yet. I guess I’m still trying to climb out of the holidays ;) I hope to grab coffee with you sometime this year! xoxc

    1. I’m excited about it because I feel it’s different enough for me to make it interesting and an adventure! E.’s little project should be fun too and YES! to coffee!!!! Enough already, let’s get it on the books!

    1. I am hoping it’s a hit. I found a place that prints board books, but it’s expensive, definitely a one off, project!

  4. i am catching up on reading all your posts … i loved this one … i have been feeling a bit ‘all over the board’ as my girl went off to college and i feel like i’m starting again … i would love to finish a book i have been writing (on and off) for years … i would love to be able to do some hand lettering for part of it, include my own photos and some of my poetry … i really like the idea of doing one thing consistently each day as you mention … i have been journalling again, but i love the idea of gratitude letters … i really enjoy reading all your bits and pieces of life :)

    1. Thank you Dawn, the gratitude letters are very special and do bring you back to the present. It’s very hard to feel in a funk when you are sitting there being thankful!

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