Pretty much for as long as I have been writing a blog, I have been on the perfect bang/fringe quest, each time failing miserably.  It has been nearly a decade that I have been in search of good thick Bardot-esque bangs and I have not been able to achieve them.  I gave up on Bardot and would have been happy with just straight bangs like the kind my mom cut for me in elementary school, but again it has been elusive.  I only cut my hair about once a year because it seems I always have a mishap and it takes me a full 365 days to dust myself off and gather enough gumption to get myself to a salon. The last time I went I shared that the stylist basically gave me square hair and I looked like Peppermint Pattie’s best pal Marcie Johnson for ages.  What I neglected to mention to you, (out of sheer shame), was that my haircut was $300!  Yes, I paid $300 for hair that made me look like the least attractive animated character ever. In my defense I did not know it was going to be that amount, it had been $100 for years and even that seemed outrageous but since I only went once a year I figured it wasn’t that bad.  The stylist it seemed had changed his prices and the bad haircut had already been done and I knew I was never coming back; I paid and am still miserable with my decision.  I wish I had enough confidence to have told them to pay me $300 for the bad haircut.  Yes, I tipped, I am such a haircut push-over. Now that I am living in what can only be kindly referred to as the sticks I knew that I would have to take charge of my own hair situation.  I went through all 4 billion bang/fringe videos, read every blog on the interwebs regarding this subject matter and have a winner-Sam Villa, How To Cut Fringe.  This man knows his stuff!  I actually started with Sam’s technique and after having some success thought I knew what the heck I was doing and added my own technique to the mix, which gave me horrible Cher bangs and then I had to go in and try to fix, that is why my bangs aren’t as long on the side as I usually like.  For 30 minutes of complete neurosis (I was actually sweating profusely when I was doing this and I never sweat) and saving $300, I am pretty happy with the results.  This diy isn’t for everyone and if you live in a city where you can actually see people on the street, my suggestion is to stop the girl with the cutest cut that you wish you had and get her hairstylists info–STAT.  If you are like me and are living in the middle of nowhere and on the budget of all budgets I suggest checking Sam Villa out. If you have any questions let me know, I am no expert, but I can share my experience with you.

P.S. I have a NEW mascara love! I know, I know!  And on my lips is my own lip balm/gloss, yes for the future Besotted Brand apothecary!

P.P.S. If I look like I am not breathing, I am not.  I have not learned (yet) how to be comfortable behind the camera ask my husband who took 6,000 photos yesterday and then gave up. Even he was surprised that we got one photo out of our ‘shoot’.

P.P.P.S. I am doing a giveaway over at a sweet girls blog, the best part is that there is a super duper Besotted Brand discount code at the bottom of her post good for anything in the shop!


  1. Nice! I actually always cut my fringe myself and my friends never really believe that :) Also sometimes I take risk styling my hair with own hair cut haha If it turns bad, then I will go to salon to have it fixed. I simply think that is just hair, they will grow :)

  2. Beautiful! . . . not to mention, oh-so-impressive. I, too, have been on the budget of all budgets–but I’m not doing so well in the cutting my own bangs area. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact I can’t cut a straight line to save my life–so by the time they’re close enough, they’re about an inch long. Sigh.

    And lip gloss?! If you could come up with a gloss that did not make my lips wretchedly dry, I’d love you forever! :)

  3. Anh Le your fringe looks like you know what you are doing! Amy, yes I do believe I made the perfect balm/gloss, it hydrates like a balm, but has a sheen like a gloss and is neither sticky, waxy or greasy. Oh and NO chemicals! BTW, no lines needed you cut vertically, it’s a revelation! Mrs. Limestone you are in NYC, I suggest you never have to cut your own hair, but in the sticks you get weird bravado, lol!

  4. Just gorgeous, you and the bangs/fringe. Great job. I have REALLY short hair and would drive cross country for my hair sylist. We’ve been together for at least 15 years.

    So when will you share the mascara secret? and lip balm?

  5. Deborah if I had a stylist I knew would give me what I wanted I would too! I working on the mascara post although my husband said my eyes looked ‘weird’ in the mascara photo, lol. Lip balm is going to need to go to my testers first so I can make sure the formula works on more than me!

  6. You look BEAUTIFUL! I love them! I have tried bangs like a million times but never to full satisfaction. I have finally accepted the fact that I cannot pull off bangs. :) But you? You definitely can! Just gorgeous, T!

  7. looking good lady, what a sharp photo {and fab bangs}! looking forward to you launching your apothecary goodies, hope it’s sooner than later!

  8. They look great! I’m always tempted to trim mine just to see if I can, but I have no excuse. My stylist is on the main street just behind my apartment and he does free trims, so a $10 tip fixes everything and I know he’d kill me if I walked in with DIY bangs one day.

    My haircuts are $110 + tip, which was hard to swallow at first but now I’m used to it. And I only go about twice a year, so it works out.

  9. Oh honey! You are gorgeous! I didn’t even know it was you, I thought you had gotten an image from somewhere else! Breathtaking!!

    Can’t wait to try the lip gloss!

    Oh, and I need to order a stamp…..*sigh*

  10. Debbie, hopefully we can meet when you are in NC and you can see how sharp I really am, I am all pointy angles, lol. Thanks Michelle, my husband is going to be so smug with satisfaction at your comment (you too Debbie). Kathy, you are SO correct, I need to change that! And I can’t wait for you to try either!!!! Rachel, I think that must be about the going rate for a good cut in L.A. it still feels like highway robbery though, especially when you don’t get the cut you wanted like moi. BTW, you should totally got to the Craft Cabinet event! If I were in L.A. I would even drive you there!

  11. i love finally seeing a full face shot of you, miss pretty! (the last time i tried to cut my own bangs i looked so sad. now i’m growing them out but i keep thinking about getting them back…you’re making me think.)
    it’s so glad to see you doing so well out there…
    even though we never got the chance to actually see each other live and in person here…boo.

  12. Miss Krista! So odd, I was JUST thinking about you and POOF you appeared! My best friend and Mom think my hair looks flat, but their hair would be flat too if they showered with salted well water! I do miss California, I wish I could merge the two!

  13. BANGS!!!!! Let me tell you about my bangs. When I was much much younger — about 7 or 8 years old my mother cut my bangs soooo short (I think they were about 1/2 inch long. You see I was a twirler & my mother thought if I had no bangs to twirl then i’d be forced to quit. Well, I guess it worked. I now have bangs that are considerably longer & I haven’t twirled for many years & I don’t seem to have suffered any emotional damage.

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