I have been wanting to do an on going photo project for a while now.  I considered the 365, wherein you take a photo a day.  I considered this for about oh, 3 seconds before I realized that I would fail miserably and then have to carry around a horrible sense of guilt for the rest of year.  Failure and myself don’t play well together.  I would rather stay away than risk having Failure do the Rocky Balboa fist in the air dance in front of me.  That Failure sure can be smug sometimes.  I considered a 52 project, wherein I would take a photo once a week, this sounded realistic but Failure whispered something in my ear and instead of getting bent out of shape, I decided that Failure was actually right.  I don’t have a problem with taking photo’s or coming up with ideas, my problem lies in editing the darn images and is even worse when it comes to printing them out and not leaving them on the hard drive to marinate for eternity. I decided that my project would focus on what I needed the most motivation in doing–editing.  My daring feat will be to try to edit a photo a day for the remainder 351 days of the year.  Since I have left thousands of unedited images on my hard drive thus far, I don’t know how I will bode with such an Everest type endeavor.  The only thing I can do is try.
Now fine friends, do not try this at home unless you have a serious amount of time on your hands and the dedication necessary to complete this performance.  If you do decide to follow in my precarious foot steps, do so with caution and know that I too will be agonizing over my photo’s not knowing how far to take them or if they will be ‘worthy’ for your eyeballs.  I am going to use the Roman numeral conversion of 2011::MMXI to designate this project–keep it simple. The first photo is my before, it is grossly underexposed, but please note if I mess up on my exposure (which unfortunately happens more than not) I would rather have it underexposed than overexposed.  You can still save detail with an underexposed image, but really don’t do as I do, just try to get your exposure correct in camera. This is my after photo, all trussed up with a bucket load of Photoshop layers and a heaping amount of indecision thrown in. My goal was to create a dreamy, Marie Antoinette Court or Paris flea market feel. Day one down, only 350 more to go….

14 thoughts on “MMXI

  1. WHOA! That is a serious undertaking right there! I have the same problem. I have hundreds of pics that have sat unedited for a very long time, but my brain shuts down when I think about going back through them. I admire you for this goal. That is going to take some serious time and dedication. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you do with your pics! Just imagine all those hidden gems you are going to end up with!

  2. Thank you Toi! I hope I can do it, wish me luck:) Thank you Mindy, yes, I guess I will have to try to do something other than print and put in a box, okay, I shall think what to do, thank you!

  3. Hi dearie, EZ from Creature Comforts blogged about you and I love reading your posts! I would like to subscribe via Google RSS. Is there any way I can do that?

  4. What an excellent twist on such an undertaking! I suppose the RSS for this momentous task will be on your Flickr photostream? I want to add it to my 365 blogroll if you don’t mind?


  5. So Briliant! Both the completed edit and the challenge you have set for yourself for the year. This is definitely a project I need to embark on – do you mind if I follow your lead?

  6. Oh Miss B, I love what you’ve done! I really want a new camera but am determined to make this one work. Now if I can just figure out why all my fabric shots turn pink??? Maybe editing will also be my once a month self taught class :)

  7. Oh my goodness you are an editing genius! The photo is so dreamy. You just inspired me to enroll in a photoshop class. I have it and use it, but not like I should. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Good luck on the project.

  8. Hi Miss Anette, gosh I feel like a donkey for not knowing how to do this, thank you for visiting!

    Miss Andree you are speaking another tongue, please tell me how to do the RSS on Flickr and I shall set it up, gosh I am sounding more like a dumb dumb the deeper I get into the comments. So sorry!

    Miss Dana, thank you! Yes please join along I started a Flickr group for anyone that wants to join in:) and I will posting here daily as well. I want to be accountable, yikes!

    Miss Kim! Happy New Year! Join the group, I want to add little edit notes and tips and will be starting one-one-one editing classes soon.

    Miss Beth, thank you so much for visiting!

    Miss Bink & Boo *blush*, join the group as well so you can practice your new found skills!

  9. Annette and Miss B – To subscribe to it in your google reader, there should be a button called “Add a Subscription” in the top left side of the screen. Click it and a window pops down, then type or paste in the address – . The best thing would be to have a RSS feed button….but alas, at least this link works. (Pssst…Miss B….let me know if you need help….;) )

  10. Miss B., no worries. :) I’d successfully subscribed to you following Mrs. Soup’s instructions (thank you, Mrs Soup!) :D You’re doing really fantastic stuff here, so many pretties! I’m looking forward to more posts from you.

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