I wanted to continue on the documentary recommendations and also wanted to thank you kindly for yours, you might even see a couple of your suggestions added to this list. It’s so nice to be able to go to Netlflix and know that I will now find a documentary instead of having to settle for something riveting like ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. I decided to focus this list on art so it wouldn’t be so hodge podge and it might make it easier to narrow down your choices.  I hope you like my suggestions, please feel free to add one yourself in the comments or add to my reviews.

The Rape of Europa-SHOCKING! I don’t think they needed to add the last story to the documentary that could of been its own doc. This is so sad, shocking and filled with greed, passion and insanity.
Herb & Dorthy-This is a charming story and hard for the average person to wrap their mind around what this couple both accomplished + accumulated.
Stolen-I think an art heist is always intriguing and this one doesn’t disappoint–13 masterpieces were absconded with.

A Man Named Pearl-I have written about this before and it is more inspiring than art related, although what Pearl creates to me would fall under the ‘art’ category. You won’t regret spending your precious time watching this doc, it may even become your favorite on this list.
This is one that is no longer available at Netflix, but was still interesting:

My Kid Could Paint That– It’s a doc about a 4 year old painting prodigy or not
original abstract ink & brush by tristan b.


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