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There is still one more day for you and a friend to enter to win a free set of Lettering Rx, the fastest and easiest way to clean + digitize your lettering and illustrations. Michelle put this quick gif together to walk you through the steps from scan to final  end use.  I love being able to use my original illustrations in brand work, it makes it that much more personal and unique and really makes your designs stand out from the rest. For those that want to sell their illustrations on end products, this is truly the quickest way to get your lettering and illustration ready for its ‘close-up’.  We wrote a detailed post on doing ‘print in demand’, where you use your artwork on a a companies products and they print + ship for you (I’ll link to that post in the resources).

Every Tuesday until the end of November 2017 we will be giving away one Foto Rx set to help you up your visual brand presence. Today we will start with the beloved Lettering Rx! It’s easy to enter:

-Go our Foto Rx feed and follow us (if you aren’t already)

For another chance to win:

-Tag a friend (or two or….) in the comments on @fotorxco (that friend will win if you do!)

We will announce the winner(s) on our feed on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Good luck!


Digitize your lettering and illustrations start selling in minutes!

Win Lettering Rx

Software: Photoshop / Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel

Lettering Rx (demo)

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