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We are moving headlong into the holidays so we are sharpening our pattern skills around here, because we have some ambitious wrapping paper design plans in our future, you?  We are planning to use some of our Rare Bird Font Foundry illustrative fonts to create some gift wrap along with some key phrases. We had some great results before when we printed out our pattern on engineer prints at Staples and we are hoping to have a repeat success. It was just too much fun to see the patterns come to life. Our friend, professional surface pattern designer, Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost is offering a one week free mini course in surface pattern design starting Monday, November 13th.  Bonnie is such a great teacher and better still she is a successful, working professional in her field, so it’s amazing to get her expertise.  We are just playing around with pattern around here, but if you want to take your illustrations + surface patterns to the next level we couldn’t recommend Bonnie’s classes more.  If you are reading this past the date of her free mini course we have linked some classes below.


Antler illustrative font shown

Mini surface design course (free for limited time)

Surface Pattern Design Course

Pattern Class for the hobbyist

Digitize your Lettering in Photoshop | Beginners

Free Adobe Photoshop trial

$10/mo Creative Cloud plan

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