Raster graphics vs. vector the myths debunked


I think the biggest mistake a lot of artists wanting to use their illustrations for web and print do is think they need Illustrator to do so. This often stops them from taking the next steps to get their artwork to a larger audience or to share for commerce. Illustrator is a wonderful program, but it is complex and expensive. The difference between cleaning and digitizing your illustrations in Photoshop versus Illustrator is Photoshop is a raster graphic and Illustrator is a vector. Raster graphics lose quality the larger you enlarge them so a raster graphic would not be good for signage, but a vector graphic would. What I am seeing though is most artists on the interwebs are wanting to include their illustrations on items that are made to be printed small like an invite or a logo for a web site. If you scan your artwork in a high resolution (this drawing was scanned at 600 dpi) or photograph your artwork at a high resolution you WILL be able to use it, at good quality for a lot of applications, including print! We created a super easy way to clean your lettering and illustrations getting it ready to share for web or print via our Lettering Rx Photoshop action set. Michelle cleaned this for me in about a minute, prior to us creating the set, I don’t think I could have easily coerced her into cleaning my artwork for me, because seriously to do it manually is tedious and takes forever! We created this tool so you can get back to what you enjoy about illustrating–making illustrations! We are giving away a set of Lettering Rx to one individual and a friend, visit our @fotorxco Instagram feed to get the deets!

Every Tuesday until the end of November 2017 we will be giving away one Foto Rx set to help you up your visual brand presence. Today we will start with the beloved Lettering Rx! It’s easy to enter:

-Go our Foto Rx feed and follow us (if you aren’t already)

For another chance to win:

-Tag a friend (or two or….) in the comments on @fotorxco (that friend will win if you do!)

We will announce the winner(s) on our feed on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good luck!


Win Lettering Rx

Software: Photoshop / Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel

Lettering Rx (demo)

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