This post is going to be filled with links so get ready to procrastinate!  As promised I am sharing where to buy film for your vintage Brownie and how to load it.  You can pick these cute cameras up for about five bucks just about anywhere.  If you are paying more than that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell ya…Speaking of over paying, you will be paying quite a pretty penny to buy this film when you could re-spool your own or try your hand at modifying 120 film.  I say time is money, so just let me pay premium for the film and call it a day. You? You can save the money by developing it at Target, or Walmart (World renown for their photo developing skills) so I think this can be a win-win no matter which route you take.  Even better yet you can learn to develop the film yourself and be really smug with your film prowess.
I’ve decided to save the coolest film photography workshop ever until tomorrow, because it really deserves its own post.  Before I close up this series, if you have any questions please let me know, I just may have a resource for you. Gosh, I sure hope I have inspired a few of you to break out those Brownie’s and shoot your heart out and haven’t just been flapping my gums here all week in vain.
::photo by tristan b.::

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