Elliot Erwitt is one of my all time favorite photographers. I was fortunate enough to catch an Erwitt exhibit at the International Center for Photography (if you are in NYC they have classes too).  If you are familiar with his work you may not have realized that a lot of his seemingly spontaneous and ‘at the right place at the right time’ shots were staged. I think for any budding photographer this offers a glimmer of hope that you might be able to create your own magic. If you are looking for the challenge of treasure hunting a magic moment don’t fret, there is a whole booming community dedicated to street film photography. Photographer Nitsa is a dedicated explorer of techniques and experimentation calling her style Non-photography, her blog is filled with information and she even created an e-book guide.  I stayed up one night way too late going through her archives. 

Tomorrow I am going to share with you what looks like the coolest film developing workshop ever and where to get film to shoot with your vintage Kodak Brownie or Argus and better yet how to load them! So for those of you that have been bummed that you don’t have Photoshop to create all those vintage photo effects that are so popular you will be able to thumb your nose at those fakers (like me) and shoot the real deal.  If you can’t wait until tomorrow perhaps you would like to visit Lomo?  Did you know you can take very inexpensive photo classes at their stores? I hope you have decided to loot your parents garage for an old film camera or are planning to do some serious garage sale-ing this weekend (I bought a near mint condition 35mm Canon film camera with three zoom lenses for $40 at one) the deals are out there but people are buying them up fast and with everything you are going to learn this week you are going to want to go out and practice.



  1. Never heard of Erwitt but just from this shot alone, his work must be fantastic. Will have to check it out!

    PS: If you’re deciding between an AE-1 and a light meter for your bday… well, the AE-1 is pretty cheap (got a very good one for $25!) so I bet you could get both without breaking the bank. :)

  2. Susan & Jacqueline I am over the moon that I introduced you both to Elliott Erwitt, you will find much inspiration in his images, I pinky promise. Jacqueline that is FANTASTIC news about the AE-1, I am off to scour Ebay….

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