I find this owl to have a look of ‘don’t mess with me’, is it just me?  I am coo coo for antique photo processes and love to go hide out in my ‘digital darkroom’ and try to recreate those same techniques. I would love to take an alternate photo developing class, but for today I will be satisfied with Photoshop.
I hope you will be participating in the print giveaway, because I am dying for another excuse to procrastinate on Pinterest for hours on end (not that I do, nope, not me).  Here’s the details if you need more info.

I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

2 thoughts on “MMXII::44::EDITING A PHOTO-A-DAY IN 2012::

  1. Lol, that’s one way to get someone to not be a hoarder! I think anything has bad or good luck if you attribute that to it. I LOVE animals so I am going to attribute wisdom + strength to the owl:)

    Here’s some Owl symbolism:

    Ancient Greece

    The ancient Greeks attributed the owl to Athena, goddess of wisdom and foresight. This symbol was used on Greek coins and therefore also became associated with wealth.


    Native Americans attributed owls with wisdom and sacred knowledge. The shaman would call upon Owl medicine for insight into the truth of ill-intent. Plains Indians wore owl feathers to protect against evil spirits.



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