As I hustle to get more images up in my shop, I thought I would continue my dedicated week of posts. This week I wanted to dedicate it to film photography sharing some of my favorite resources and  film photographs.  I know a lot of bloggers + readers have an infinity for photography and it seems more and more are interested in the nostalgia of film and the effect that you can seemingly only achieve by shooting film.  For me, being basically the cro-magnon of bloggers, I shoot digitally as if I have an expensive roll of 24 exposures in my camera. I take my time set up the shot and shoot thoughtfully, thus my progress in getting my photographs styled, shot, edited and loaded is often an epic task–I am seriously slow. I am not going to change anytime soon no matter how many times I try to tell myself that I can take as many shots as my heart desires it’s ingrained in me to not waste any film. I’m going with it.  Good thing as I actually own quite a few film cameras.  I had never even considered myself being a collector but it seems as if I have inadvertently become one.  My Fancy gave me a 35mm vintage Nikon for a birthday, it’s an amazing camera but it’s heavy, it feels like you are carrying an iron brick around, which makes spontaneous shooting not an option. I have many, many more all with equal functional obsolescence. I recently bought myself a gorgeous refurbished Polaroid which is what brought me to the Film Photography Project.  The FPP dispels any film confusion with witty banter and easy to follow along videos. It’s a film enthusiasts mecca and best yet, they are still small enough that you can probably ask any burning questions you may have and get them answered. I think the FPP is a great place to explore this medium if you are like me and feel overwhelmed by where to get started on your film photography journey. I’ll be back tomorrow with another cool resource but let me leave you a link to Jose Villa, a phenom in the wedding photography world that shoots only in film, I hope he inspires you as much as he has inspired me.


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I started photographing half a year ago, also purely on film, so the FPP seems really helpful.
    Thank you for introducing this awesome page!

  2. Long time lurker, first time commenter. :) But I just had to break my silence and say thanks for these links. I normally shoot with a 5D but got a Canon AE-1 and *just* got the film developed. I think I’m hooked! Can’t wait to learn more.

  3. Jacqueline that camera is on my wish list right now, I have been trying to decide whether I should ask for that for my birthday or a light meter.

    Kate you know I am going to that blog right this second, thanks!

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