this sucks by tristan b.I have been avoiding writing this for some time now as I always want this spot to be a positive break from all the chaos we seem to collect in our worlds.  One of the most important caveats for writing a blog for me though is to remain authentic and I feel that I have been successful at keeping true to that. I try to paint a very realistic picture of my life, its ups & downs and how I have gotten through it; I do this so others don’t have to take as much time getting to their end goal as it has taken me. I believe in you and I also believe that everyone has the opportunity to be creative even if they don’t think they are, it’s what I hope you take from this blog (oh, and a few great beauty secrets to boot).  You may have noticed that I have gotten a little sporadic around here, it is not my intention to leave my beloved blog high & dry, but I have been very sick for what is going on 4 months. We know what the condition is and we have been treating it but it is kicking my a*!, every day has been a struggle and life has been anything but normal. My normal right now does not include me leaving my sofa, which has made it hard to run my business, but thankfully my husband has been a big help with that. I have small spurts of feeling like I am not going to drop and that’s when I have been able to take pics of the dogs, but I am struggling. Strangely by some devious twist of fate I have had a windfall of opportunity come my way in the last few months, opportunities I could have only dreamed of prior and I have had to pass on almost all of them, which makes me even more heart broken. I am just trying to take this one day at a time and focus as usual on all the great things in my life, I do think staying positive has prevented me from falling into a abyss of self pity.  I just wanted to give you an update, so you know that I am not myself  lately, the posts may not come as frequently, be as creative (or witty) as I would like them to be, but I have high hopes for when I get through this, I do hope you will stick it out with me. Wishing you all a very happy (and healthy) day!

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  1. Tristan, I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best! I know you can beat whatever has been slowing you down! Hugs!

  2. Thank you for your transparency! I will be praying for your health and new transition moving to the PNW! Health is something we can take for granted, and it is such a gift… I wish this gift comes back in big measure and that you recover quickly with more energy than ever ;) All the best and we (your readers) are here to support you and hang out and be thankful when you can post a new entry.

  3. Even in the throes, you are still so witty, Miss B! I hope you feel better soon – sending you happy and healing thoughts!

  4. have been reading your blog for days now… going over all the lettering and calligraphy goodness there is to be found. Do hope you get back to good health soon, how we all take it for granted. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all you have learnt about lettering. Emma x

  5. Hello Tristan, I hope you’ll get well soon… Your blog is very interesting even if you feel weak, I like it so much! And I am in love with your french doggy! She’s adorable!!! Baci

  6. Tristan,
    i really hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about missing opportunities. You deserved them and still will, even if you have to delate a bit . You have to be your first priority for a while and then eveything will taste even better. xxxx

  7. Health issues can be so frustrating…I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. I have been enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts; hope the next one is about how great you are doing!

  8. praying for you, tristan. you are an amazing person – always so generous and caring with your time and support for others. you truly have lived out your beliefs that you stated in this post – ‘that everybody has the opportunity to be creative even if they don’t think they are.’ thank you for that support you’ve shown little ole’ me – a teeny tiny stranger you met on the internet. YOU believed in me and it has carried me a long way since we’ve met. i’ve done things that i never thought/imagined i was capable of doing. praying that you heal completely and for you and your husband that you can continue to stay united through this difficult time.

  9. hugs to you, pretty lady! welcome to the wonderful city of Seattle, and even though you aren’t feeling 100%, I hope our little bit of sunshine will help you smile today. health issues are oh-so-frustrating, but I’m glad you have a treatment plan in place. lots of well wishes will be speeding your way from all of your devoted readers!

  10. As someone who has had to learn to live within chronic illness for the last 25 or so years (and who is still constantly learning) I just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement since your blog has often been a bright spot for me on dark days. You will feel all the different emotions, there will be days of grieving, and there will also be days of incredible beauty and gratitude. In fact, if anything, the beauty all around, and the humor … your experience of both will be deeper and even more meaningful for you. I hope for you a full recovery from whatever you are dealing with now, and that during this time you will discover new ways of inspiration, new ways of creativity, and new ways of closeness in your relationships…ways you may never have known otherwise.

    (And I also want to say “thank you” . Thank you for your brave transparency and for your work that brings beauty into form into so many ways).

  11. Bless your sweet heart! I can only hope and pray that you will perserve and find a solution. I hope the move hasn’t made it worse but it couldn’t have helped. Again prayers will go your way. We need you back!!!

  12. Im so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hope whatever it is goes away very soon.

    Even better opportunities will be waiting for you when you are ready to tackle them. Until then, take care of yourself.

  13. Hi Tristan, I’m sorry to hear about your long illness. It can be disheartening on a daily basis, so cheers to you for making any effort to make this place a positive one! Until people go through pain and/or loss, it’s hard for them to understand those who do. But I hope you can take heart by the caring comments of your followers. One of the things I love about your blog is the way you share your processes, as it helps someone like me to know that I’m not alone in figuring things out in a split second. I appreciate your authenticity and wit despite your struggle, and look forward to future posts, no matter how sporadic. So glad your husband is helping you out! May you have more windfalls of opportunity and know that you are loved. Well wishes are winging their way to you!

  14. I’m sending you a Hug, an avalanche of positive vibes. I’m sending you a virtual smile, and a bunch of hope…because this time will pass, and you Will Be Ok. I love your blog, I love your work (I’m a customer) and I now how special you are with out knowing you personally. You will prevail.
    “There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain

  15. I’m so sorry to hear you have not been well Tristan. I hope you get better soon! In the mean time rest up, and don’t stress – I have still throughly enjoyed reading your blog/hearing your advice. And I believe everything happens for a reason, so while you may have had to turn down opportunities now, others will most certainly come your way =)
    Ashleigh xxoo

  16. All the very best wishes for a good, wonderful healing very soon….& i do also send you many of our magic sunrays from my tuscan hills….: get well soon; I know you will make it !!!!

    Un abbraccio forte ciao ciao elvira

  17. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so unwell. I’m still fairly new to your blog but absolutely LOVE everything you share. I would never have imagined that you were unwell! You are an amazing woman and I hope you will continue to take it at your own pace and share when you can! Hugs from Copenhagen!

  18. Sending you all best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know how it is to be debilitated by illness and how frustrating and disheartening it can be. Here’s hoping that you will soon be back to your sparkling self but in the meantime, we are all rooting for you. Take care and take it easy on yourself!

  19. Oh, that’s no good! Being sick is one of the absolute worst things, especially when it is such a long battle. Keep your chin up! Be sure to go easy on yourself…we are all cheering for you.

  20. i know exactly how you feel…from August to January last year i was on a sick leave,worked until the end of May and now i’m home’s hard,and sometimes i feel like i don´t have anything to say or show to the world but i cry,sleep and i try again.
    Your blog is really inspiring to me and i love the way you write!
    Hope you can get better as soon as possible :)

    p.s. you dog is adorable <3

  21. I think part of the curse of the creative is wanting perfection. The danger of the net is we can and want to project a portrait of our life that is sometimes far from the truth. We spending our day looking at everyone else’s” perfect life “online and feel worse about our flawed reality. I am always so blessed and humbled when someone is real , steps out and says ” this is what is happening to me now and it is hard ” .
    Struggling with a prolonged illness must be daunting and I will keep you in my thoughts .
    I have had a horrible day and in the big picture it is a uneasy time of life for me but I feel strangly better having read your post and knowing I am not the only one with a imperfect life.

  22. I hope you are feeling much more like yourself soon. Life sure is interesting. You are so very talented, interesting, and very witty…your honesty is refreshing. May there be brighter days ahead! Your pooch is just adorable.

  23. Your posts are always such a delight. I pray rest and healing for you. Thank you for sharing your heart and passion and interests.

  24. Dear Tristan, my heart aches reading this. I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be. I wish you a speedy recovery and the strength to endure this tough time. I also want you to know that your blog is a wonderful daily inspiration for me. It’s a place I go when I need a little dose of beauty, humor, advice, and good taste. You are so talented and inspire so many. Thank you for putting your world out there for people like me to see. I am sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way. Wishing you all the best, Ashley.

  25. Tristan, I am very sorry to hear you have been ill. I know what it feels to be sick for months and how low spirits can fall at times. Things will definitely get better just try to stay positive and believe in it. Though it maybe hard to see it now, but I think all things happen for a reason, and for each missed opportunity a better one will come along. You’re such a kind, talented and creative person, and as you can see here there are many people who value and appreciate it. Wishing you strength, lots of smiles and a speedy recovery!

  26. Oh honey, I am so sorry you are going through this….it’s exhausting I’m sure.

    I’m praying for peace and health and hugs!

  27. Your blog has been a source of inspiration for me for the past several years. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve never commented until now, but I had to send you a note to tell you how much your blog has meant to me and how I will hold you in my thoughts upon hearing your news. You have untapped reserves of strength and grace that are always available to you.
    Sending healing and hugs from a big fan,

  28. I am sending lots of healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery! I know it can be frustrating to not be feeling well, so I hope you start to feel better soon! :)

  29. Tristan – just wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with a chronic illness last year and had seen months off work while we sorted out the treatment and how I would approach life with this condition. Today I just completed an 11km hike through the mountains! Last year i couldnt even leave my house. The best thing any doctor ever told me was “you will get better – you will manage this condition and you will have a full and happy life”. Sometimes you just need to know things will get better and I promise you, they will. Sending you lots of hugs and positive energy for getting control of your condition soon. Xx

  30. Dear Tristan, I sincerely hope you will get well soon. May you have courage and faith that.. all things are possible to those that believe (Mark 9:23). Sending you hugs and prayers from Hawaii. xo
    p.s., that photo is adorable, put a smile on my face :)

  31. I just thought to myself tonight that I should check in with your blog and see what you were up to, as you have been a little silent on Instagram (and as I haven’t yet recovered from the loss of Google Reader so do much less blog reading lately). I am so sorry to hear you have been sick! You have one of the loveliest spots on the Internet–I hope some of that loveliness finds its way to you, even as you’re resting on the couch. I will pray for strength and healing for you! Love and hugs,

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