This is a photo of a trophy, but you my fine friends could ascertain that without my assistance.  You after all are brilliant and beautiful. Yes, it is filled with cigarette’s, a horrible vice but it’s just a gentleman’s vignette and made for a good prop. Trophy’s are usually proffered when someone is recognized for an achievement.  I am giving this trophy to myself, I deserve it and I have certainly earned it.  I am busting at the seams to tell you my amazing news, but I need to wait a second and collect myself, it’ll be difficult at best as I am not known for being able to keep a secret.  It is not any of the following: 1. Not getting married today (but yes, this year), 2. not having a baby (please refer to 1.),  3. not moving to a new state (just yet).  What could it be?  I will give you this hint–it has changed my life and I feel as if I won the Lotto.  If I was any happier at this moment I probably would implode.
…And back to our regularly scheduled program…To edit my ‘before’ photo I used one action, it was highly modified but the essence of the action is what I built upon.  It is free and is called ‘Heartland’ and is available at P.W’.s. I did use some textures but so lightly, it really was the action that achieved this rich dipped in espresso transformation. Thank you PW and Thank you Totally Rad Actions!  (they created the actions for P.W.). You both rule!

8 thoughts on “MMXI::NINETEEN

  1. I just have to say that I am super impressed with your new photo editing skills!!! And the fact that you are tackling one a day is also uber impressive.
    May I take a guess that your big news is a new job, perhaps?!

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