Ancora Imparo

ancora imparo i'm still learning in latin via besotted blog iii

Michelle and I love this quote so very much, even though I keep attributing it to another genius (I did triple check I got it right this time). Last week we did a week of Brush Lettering with interviews and some seriously awesome giveaways. We are keeping the giveaways open until the end of the this week July 8, 2016 so if you haven’t already please join in and good luck to you! Also, please note, if you love these giveaways as much as we love doing them please do participate, comment, etc. we really can’t get you the caliber and quality of interviews and giveaways if there’s not interaction;) Click on the links below for details!

Learn to hand letter like a pro with Jenny Highsmith’s e-course.

Ever wonder what supplies and resources a popular lettering artist uses? Jessica Kaela of Coco & Mingo shares hers here.

Uber successful commercial lettering artist Laura Worthington shares many great tips + a chance to win her 3 part Brush Lettering Course.

Famed lettering artist Kal Barteski shares a very inspiring interview + you can win a custom lettered print AND access to her course with supplies.

Ready to take your lettering to the next level? You’ll need to get your work cleaned + digitized and some new supplies wouldn’t hurt either visit here to win!

We hope we have inspired you to try your hand at this medium, remember we would LOVE to see your practice so tag your work #bblettering on Instagram and Pinterest so we can find you!

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  1. So many great secrets, tips and supplies divulged this week ladies! Thank you for bringing it all to us!

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