I have no need for these place setting magnets but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them. I am always on the look-out for props these days for my shop photos.  I can almost convince myself that these would be great, I do have to keep to a strict budget right now and can only buy things that I absolutely need but check out their paws and hooves, they are gold! I do need these right? Speaking of photo shoots I am supposed to spend a lovely afternoon shooting with some even lovelier bloggers. We have plans for an early ‘crafter-noon’ date which will require me to drive on the *gasp* highway and leave my zipcode. The winds here have been a bit icky (hot, thick and allergen ridden), which doesn’t bode well for the outdoor set-up I have envisioned, but the winds may be more mild  soon. If all goes as planned, I promise to take lots of evidence that I did leave my apartment for more than an hour and hopefully get a bunch of those stamping tutorials I have been promising.

6 thoughts on “ANIMALIA

  1. When I saw the picture the first thing I thought was ‘I WANT them!’ and when I started reading your entry I got Bcky Bloomwood’s voice in my head (rom the movie Conessions of a Shopaholic) ‘Do I need this?! Do I NEEEED this?!’ and cracked up. Man, I feel your pain, I share it.

    I have to say, I feel cheated, because I CAN’T FIND WHERE YOU GOT THIS PICTURE FROM! I was hoping it’d be for sale somewhere and I’ll get to impulse shop (which I did twice already this morning. Damn you, easy internet shopping!) So maybe it’s for the best?

    No, really, tell me where I can buy them:\

    They look like a DIY prohect, though. Buy these animals at a toy shop, sew them in half somehow and with ceramic magnets from a crafts shop you’ve got your magnet place cards! Oh, but spray them white and paint their hoofs gold first. Then you get your animal magnectic card holders with the satisfaction of having made them yourself:)

  2. These are so adorable Miss B, the crafty granny that lives in me saw them and immediately started thinking of how you could make them…Take some of those dinky plastic animal toys from the dollar store, put a slice in them to hold a little card, paint them all white and take to the feet with some gold paint.

    This is, of course, if one had time to craft such things, which you may not. haha.

  3. Ladies! I am so sorry, almost all my images are linked to the shops when I feature a product. Click and you shall be rewarded with the mecca for animal magnets, but I love where you all went with the DIY, this could be a fab little project. Now why didn’t I think of that?


    Miss B.

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