Shelter co. is a pop up lodging service and is completely and utterly the most brilliant idea ever. Okay, I suppose the invention of the wheel, electricity and running water are up there but this is just plain creativity at its best.  What’s a pop up lodging service? Imagine you had a big event coming up and you want to merge your great taste with the great outdoors with a heaping tablespoon of amazing company but had no idea where to start?  Call Shelter Co. Personally I am chomping at the bit to host an in-person photography class and doesn’t this situation seem ideal? A blogger meet-up would be grand, even though I despise the name blogger, when will I figure out a better word? Suggestions? I digress, contact Shelter Co. for your next ‘glamping’ adventure/event, by the looks of it you won’t be disappointed.  For those that want to eschew sleeping under the stars I found this relatively inexpensive teepee you could set-up in your livingroom!

6 thoughts on “SHELTER CO.

  1. Their website is beautiful! Yes, it would be perfect for an outdoor event. I don’t know how you find these things. And what are we going to do about the word blogger?

  2. Fabulous!!!

    And I’m SO in on an inperson workshop with you, my dear! Let me know if you need any help!

    Oooo, which reminds me…I need to email you….we need to schedule a screen share to teach you WordPress!

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