Elicia Edijanto 'Hymn' via besotted blog

Glory by Elicia Edijanto via besotted blog

I just love the thrill of discovery, why just the other day I discovered that I could pretty much put any sauce in the crock pot with chicken breasts, cook for a couple hours and have a deliciously effortless dinner on the table (I apologize dear Vegans). A revelation to be sure.

Last night I discovered artist Elicia Edijanto, another thrill. There’s so many aspects of her work that appeal to me, where to begin? The absence of color or monotone palette–to not have color in a painting is a bold move, color adds so much to the imagery without it we are left to our own imaginations, it’s such an unusual choice and speaks volumes to the talent of the artist. Animals-I have such a soft spot in my heart for animals, her depiction of these wild beasts with children is a visual fairytale waiting to happen. Edijanto’s watercolor work has an almost photographic quality, which makes it even more mesmerizing to me. I am obsessed with light and shadow and this work has so much of the mystery of both entwined in it, I can’t even begin to fathom how she is able to create such depth and detail with watercolor. I hope if this is your first time discovering Ms. Edijanto’s work that you are equally as impressed!

How about you?  Have you made any new discoveries lately?  We would love to hear them, sometimes it feels as if we are up here talking to ourselves we love it when you join the conversation…

Author / Miss Tristan B

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