When elephants fly | Nanowrimo update


Can you even believe that this month is nearly over? Heck, that this year is nearly over?  When we started this month, Michelle and I mentioned that we were participating in National Novel Writing month. It truly was a particularly absurd thing to add to our already very long list of to-do’s.  The thing is I’ve always wanted to write a novel, it has been one of my deepest, most cherished ‘secrets’. I suppose a lot of people have this same desire or else Nanowrimo wouldn’t have over 300,000 participants this month alone! I have always enjoyed writing and have felt at times creative, but I never had the discipline or the ‘vision’ to write something that remotely resembled a novel. Sure, I could write a lot, but nothing that had any sort of cohesion. It never crossed my mind to work with a writing partner, maybe because I have never met anyone as wildly creative as Michelle before? Individuals like Michelle are about as hard to find as a Yeti or pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, let’s just say impossible. We started this month with a few loose ideas and characters, ‘loose’ would actually be quite generous. We had one real goal in mind and that was to write every day, try to piece the story together and of course to hit the 50K word mark. This has been one of the most masochistic tasks I have ever taken on, it has also been one of the most rewarding. Michelle did a tally of words on Monday and we were at nearly 30k?!  What?  I couldn’t believe it!  We of course have six days left in November to reach our goal and I am hoping we can do it, Michelle wrote me an email, ‘Let’s be winners’, yes, let’s. It’s too early to go into details of our ‘novel’ but all I can say is that I have enjoyed the process immensely, that I can’t get the characters out of my head and I love being immersed in their world. I haven’t let my imagination run rampant like this since I was a kid and I am just feeling so grateful to have had the opportunity to even attempt anything like this. No matter what happens from here, I feel like we have accomplished something huge.

photo by beata bieniak

P.S. No, our novel does not include flying elephants with top hats (although what novel couldn’t benefit from that?), but this photo was sure to make you stop and read the post, no?


4 thoughts on “When elephants fly | Nanowrimo update

  1. I love that you acknowledge the importance of a creative being around other creatives. I had this conversation with another passionate French vintage dealer last week. Those truly passionate about what they do, whatever the medium, welcome others in to the fold….like minded souls immediately recognize that spark. It is so important to have that, to feed that creativity and to grow it….especially when surrounded by others that don’t understand. As someone who took the plunge so to speak, thank you for continuing to foster and grow the creative spirit <3

    1. Sorry S. too busy writing to be polite it seems! Michelle and I both read this and thought you should try Nano next year;) Thank you kindly for your support and we are sorry for the delayed thank you!

    1. Thank you Lisa! We were very inspired that you had done this with success! We are sorry we didn’t answer this earlier, it seems we lost our manners when we were deep in Nano mode;)

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