Hello friends!  So she is here and she has a name!  I will reveal it later, pinky promise!  Sheesh, now that I am a mom I have gone exclamation point crazy, I’ll to to curb my enthusiasm for the exclamation point!  She came into the world early and weighed a scant 5lb. 13 oz, 18 inches with a full head of dark hair. I will forever feel guilty that I couldn’t carry her for the entire duration, especially since she is so very tiny.  It was a risk we decided not to take to continue to keep her in my belly, it could have resulted in an emergency delivery and we didn’t want to bring her into the world under such stressful circumstances.

I have had many a revelation since she came into the world. My first one is tremendous respect and awe for everyone that has come before me and did this, I have found the sleep deprivation and the uhm, pumping to be the most difficult part, no scratch that, those are difficult but just everything being so terrifying is the most difficult.  I have never been in such a state of panic.  I have worried about doing everything wrong and even though I have been told that it is normal I am still feeling that ache of inadequacy.  The baby has been very hungry and eats like a little champ, she is very curious, I wasn’t expecting that from a newborn but she is constantly taking in her surroundings.  She still looks a little like a sumo wrestler, just a little more lean that an traditional one.  She has her daddy’s lips, which have a pronounced cupids bow and are very red. Speaking of daddy, I have never felt more in love with him, he is an amazing father and she seems to love being in his arms.

I promise this blog won’t go to the babes, but I am going to be begging for any advice on the newborn stage and dealing with sleep deprivation.  I read a lot, but somehow of have developed amnesia.  I can’t remember anything. Swaddling?  I must have watched a million and one videos on it and watched the nurses at the hospital too every time, but I just couldn’t get it.  Everything is so big on her, we bought these great ready -to-wear swaddlers but she is too small for them, even the Aden + Anais swaddler is way too large.

I want to thank you all for the well wishes, I haven’t had a chance to go through them yet, but I so appreciate that you all took the time to stop by and leave a note, thank you!  Since I hadn’t planned on her coming so early, I was planning to get all my posts done for December in November and now I think I may be a little behind on all that, please know that I am thinking of you and my little home on the web and can’t wait to get back!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they just welcomed to the world a baby girl. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

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  1. I’ve checked twice a day your blog since you announced her arrival was due within the next hours and i’m now so happy everyhting went well. You made me remind me of my two daughters birth and i still remember the unique feeling of pride, joy and magic i’ve felt each time. Don’t worry about being tired, you’ll always find the ressources you need deep inside and just try to enjoy each day as it will never be the same the day after. DO you breast feed her ? I did and liked that even if the first days can be a bit painfull. Would be happy to support you on that matter if you wish so. Anyway,
    congratulations to Dad and Mum and welcome to the little princess. xxxx

    1. Thank you Christine for thinking of us! We have tried to BF, but so far not successful so I am just pumping, which is so hard to do when all you want to do is sleep as soon as she does. I do hope we can get her to BF though, I had always planned on it.

    2. I have been following you for some time now, however, it has been a while since I have visited your blog. What a joy to find that you are now a mother….WOW…I wish you and your husband congratulation.

  2. Congratulations! So wonderful to hear that she is healthy considering she came a bit early. Can’t wait to find out her name, I’m sure you picked a beautiful one!

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I hope I chose well, I waited until the very last day of our hospital stay to choose, we had narrowed it down to 2 names and I hope I chose the right one! I follow someone on Instagram that changed their son’s name about 3 months in, so there’s always that option if I have baby name regret, lol;)

  3. Congratulations sweetie!
    Its a new and terrifying moment indeed, but dont worry you will do just fine.
    Best advice I was ever given? DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE and do what it feels right. Everyone will tell you do this, do that, but in the end its your baby and nobody know better than a mom whats better for her/his new born, so enjoy these first months, take good care of yourself and kiss that little princess as much as you can!
    Lots of hugs from BArcelona!

    PS: amnesia you say? LOL! I had no memory at all…but it will pass…what was I saying? :)

    1. Thank you Carmen! I am trying to follow my instincts, just not sure if they are right. I still can’t believe they allowed us to bring her home from the hospital!

  4. I’m so glad your baby is here! My advise: sleep (or at least rest) whenever she sleeps (even all day long) and don’t do anything else than sleeping, resting, nursing and taking care of your baby. No cooking, cleaning, working, nothing. In a few weeks she will sleep less and you won’t have so many opportunities to rest as now…

    1. Sleep less? Oh, no, I feel like I am dying of exhaustion already! I am trying to sleep when she does now, I am getting about an hour in between feedings, but last night had a 3 hour stretch which was BLISS!!!!!!!!

    2. I didn’t want to worry you :) In a few weeks your baby will also probably eat less frequently. Just rest, remember to drink and eat and don’t worry too much :)
      When I tried to remind myself first two weeks after my older son was born, I just didn’t remember anything. I was sooo exhausted. But after two weeks I went cross-country skiing with my husband for the first time that winter, so it means I felt much better ;) So don’t worry, you’ll recover soon for sure!

  5. OH MY, welcome to the world baby B!! Can’t wait to learn her name…I know it will be lovely. I felt the same way…overwhelming love, respect, and yes…panic. I also became eerily aware of my own mortality, and caring for my children…I know many feel that way. As far as swaddling goes, we did use A + A…maybe try Halo swaddle sleepsack, which you can velcro tightly snug? We used those as well. It really is true–make an effort to at least lay down when she sleeps, and see if you can nap. Forget cleaning, laundry, you name it….just focus on baby + sleep. You will both benefit! Congratulations Tristan….sending love!! xoxo

    1. Susan, I keep thinking of you with TWINS, how did you do it? You are amazing. We have the halo + summer infant but she is too tiny for them right now, I do think they will be a lifesaver when she gets a little bigger. Did you swaddle your babies all the time, all day or did you give them swaddle-less time? She seems to really enjoy being swaddled, but I wasn’t sure if that was okay to do all day…

    2. I guess at the beginning you may swaddle your baby a lot if she enjoys it. She will let you know when she needs more movement opportunities. Remember that she was supposed to still live in your belly for a few weeks, so she may enjoy environment similar to it (like being swaddled) longer than other infants.

  6. Congratulations, how exciting being a new mom. All the new joys and scares. My baby is four and all those memories come rushing.
    Enjoy your little miracle!

    1. Thank you Estela, it is exciting + anxiety producing for sure, you could never read enough to ever put into words these feelings.

  7. Yay!! I remember all of those feelings! My twins are 3 and I still panic. Less often now, but man, it’s there.

    We brought the twins home both at around 5 pounds. Two swaddling ideas– 1. we used the A+As and I just folded them in half to make a giant triangle and when folding it around them, started them to the left of center. Then I was fold the left over and tuck it under them, then the bottom point over their feet and then the right side that was super long would just wrap around them a couple of times. They seemed to love it. The second idea was that we had a few thermal blankets gifted to us (so I have no idea where they came from. Target maybe? Doesn’t matter– the idea is the same if you find a waffle thermal blanket in the cotton of your choice). They are stretchy enough, but much smaller than the traditional swaddlers.

    You will do great, Mama. Smaller babies are a little more nerve wracking, but you get a little baby for a little longer than others and that is special. :)

    1. I think that’s what makes me panic more that I know that I will feel this sense of panic forever, maybe not to this degree, but I haven’t even taken her outside yet, I am so nervous if everything. TWINS! I am in complete awe of all mom’s now but especially in awe of mom’s of multiples, I can’t even begin to imagine…Thank you for the tip, I will definitely be trying your suggestions!

  8. YAY!!!! I’ve been checking & rechecking the blog and am so happy to hear that everyone is safe & sound & settling in. Welcome to the world, Baby Besotted, and many congratulatory hugs to you, T, & papa. You three were meant for each other.

    Oh, the lack of sleep! I don’t have any wee ones of my own yet, but the universal consensus from dear friends was to sleep when they sleep & not worry too much about the rest of it. The cleaning and cooking can wait – there will be plenty of time down the road to catch up on dirty dishes, but these first few weeks of baby only come once. (Of course that can be a sad thought or a wonderful sentiment, depending on how rested one is! :) I also had a few girlfriends that swore by the French method – I think they call it The Pause? Basically it’s a simple & gentle method for teaching your infant how to self-soothe; it encourages longer sleeping cycles and after a month or two, through-the-night sleeping which sounds miraculous to me.

    And T, you will do great. Your sweetpea has your love in spades, that’s the most important thing. You may have carried her for less time than you planned on, but you did it with such tenacity & ferocity of spirit that I think she got everything she needed from you on the inside… She was simply ready to be held and loved in her mama’s arms.

    1. Thank you sweet Jess, your kind words have made me start crying (I have been a waterworks since her arrival!) Thank you for the advice, I will definitely look up ‘The Pause’, I started reading ‘raising bebe’ (maybe that’s not the title, lol) but didn’t finish before she got here!

  9. Oh Tristan , I am so happy for you ! I love baby toes ! Can’t wait to see more . Trust your instincts , you will be a wonderful mother ,enjoy every moment of her.

    1. Julianna thank you! Yes, their little toes and hands and lips and, oh, my! The smell and skin and it’s all so much:) I will try to trust my instincts but I am feeling a bit confused and lost and wish my own mommy was here (she is scheduled to arrive next week).

  10. Hi — My niece just had a baby girl a month early 5 pounds 12 oz. She’s 3 weeks old and already up to 6 pounds. Try not to worry the little one are mighty. Best wishes – enjoy the journey!

    1. Sabine thank you! I am trying so hard, she hasn’t broken so I think that’s a good sign. She is so very little and fragile.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! welcome to the club! sooo excited for you!!!! ahh, i love this post… all the sentiments you describe brought me fondly back to the newborn days of my own kids! i {and all mothers}can give advice all day, everyday, but in the end, your mama instincts is always best!! oh and tara{from an earlier comment} has got it right w/ the swaddling instructions… just use a receiving blanket and wrap her up like an eggroll or burrito! {need any mama talk, you can email or call me anytime!}

  12. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl! Can’t wait till you reveal her name. Yes, taking care of a child can be very overwhelming and frightening, I still have those feelings every now and then, and mine are teens ;-) take it easy and focus on your girl. We’ll be patiently waiting for blog posts ;-) love, Daphne

  13. Tristan!! OMG, Congratulations!!! I sent you an email as well! I can’t wait to see more photos of her and for the name reveal! So excited for you and your hubby! Congrats again, dearest!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I hope YOU are feeling better these days. I am hoping to get more photos, I know that newborn photographers take the photos usually within 10 days or so and she is almost 7 days old! I am sure I am going to be one of those photo crazy mom’s.

  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    I like to describe motherhood as a low hum of constant panic until around age 5. What makes it bearable is the louder roar of joy. It's not easy having your heart walk outside your body.

  15. Congratulations on your new bundle of love!
    I am so happy to read that you are home and baby is safe and sound. Welcome to the most wonderful time of your life….albeit the most anxiety ridden one….. This journey will truly teach you the meaning of following your instincts. You will just ‘know’. That connection and ability are among the most amazing of the gifts that are to come.

    1. Hello Simone, thank you! These first few days I feel like I have no instincts but each time I do something with her, I do feel a little more confident:)

  16. Congratulations!

    The only advice I can give on the sleep deprivation front is that to trust that it will be over soon. It feels absolutely overwelming when you are in the thick of it b/c there seems to be no end in sight and any real rest is just sooo far off. But it really does zoom by and once she is sleeping throught the night, your life will get 1 billion times better. Just hold on (and if you are open to it, let her dad give her a bottle so you can get a little sleep)

  17. PS: I found the “sleep when they sleep” advice to be completely useless. My daughter barely slept for any stretch of time so by the time I fed her, changed her, put her down, pumped, use the bathroom, get a drink of water and got into bed, it was time to do it all over again. So depending on your baby, that doesn’t really work for all.

  18. Congrats! Savour these days, they are the toughest and most awesome all rolled in to one!

    The early days are the most terrifying. I think about two weeks in was my golden moment when the midwives were signed off and new visitors had tapered off and we got to start being a family. I started to feel less like I’d break the baby at any moment and more like I could do the whole thing.

    Swaddling: there are probably a million ways but all it really is when it comes down to it is the restriction of movement like when they are in the womb. I couldn’t get the hang of doing it so that he hadn’t wriggled out in 5 mins and in the end just having the bed clothes tucked really tightly so he was almost strapped to the cot made him happy.

    Feeding: the world and it’s mother will chip in on what is best for YOUR baby. I guess that natural is best but having had a still birth and then a c-section that wound up in half the day on SCBU for my boy (after he was born blue and in shock and not breathing very well) and a girl that was again a c-section (all breech babies) I think my body just refused to play along. I managed better the second time but the first only managed to feed for a week before giving in to exhaustion, fear and the fact that he dropped over 10% of his weight and wound up back in hospital. I combination fed for a while (tried the pump thing but just couldn’t get it to work for me) but ultimately pretty quickly realised that if there is a healthy alternative (being fed and having a sane mother IS a healthy alternative, I don’t care what pro breast feeding people will say) I’d take it. My husband took over night feeds, I starting getting better from my anaemia, they bonded like a house on fire and he started laying down some lovely baby fat and everything started to be less of a grey and fearful time and more the rosy experience it was meant to be. It was pretty much the same with my girl except for she lost 15% of her weight and I knew better than to be bullied about the breast feeding. I felt more confident that formula would bring up a healthy baby still and would provide a better and healthier family situation overall.

    Be confident in your own will. It has served you well your whole life and it will serve you well for your baby’s too.

    Nicole x

  19. Oh congrats Tristan! I’m sure you have heard it already, but just in case. The Happiest Baby on the Block was a lifesaver and helped us learn to calm the baby. There is a book, but who has time to read with a newborn? You can get the video version on iTunes too. Good luck!! xo

  20. Hurray! I can’t wait to see the rest of her. I would say that the worry/fear/panic/ along with love/joy/excitement is part of the whole package that is becoming a parent, welcome and congratulations :). For smaller swaddling blankets try Giggle better basics swaddlers, very soft and not yards and yards of fabric.

  21. Congratulations to you, new Mama!!! This is wonderful. I love her sweet little feet. Take care of her and yourself. I will look forward to hearing from you in the future. Hugs and prayers for you both.

  22. YAY! Just like other commenters I also checked your blog multiple times a day for the news that she arrived. So glad for you and your partner, embrace this new chapter together! The photo is gorgeous, obviously you’re a good Mom if you are already photo documenting her first days!! Additionally, I’m secretly hoping her name is a “B”, Baby B just rolls off the keys….

  23. sweet tristan ~ i am over the moon excited for you. what an amazing gift you have been given, and believe me, i know all too well the feelings of “what do i do now”, but i know you are an incredible mama. she is one lucky little girl. i cannot wait to see more and hear all your beautiful mama-hood tales. i bet the pups love her.

  24. So happy for you all! Try to relax and just enjoy your beautiful baby girl! It will all work out – and just sleep when she does as much as you can – these first weeks will pass in a blur so just soak in as much as you can and enjoy her!

  25. Your post brought me back to the birth of my first son. The second…a whole other wonderful story.
    Here are the three things I wish I had known…
    1. Mistakes made with love are easily fixed. You won’t do everything perfectly and you shouldn’t expect yourself to. This is a gift to your daughter should she choose some day to have children of her own. When she looks at you with the same fear and anxiety you’ll be able to tell her your stories of getting to know each other and the stumbles. You’ll be able to tell her how ultimately you just loved her and tried your best with what you had in that moment and that that was enough for both of you.
    2. I wish someone had told me that breastfeeding was not an all or nothing choice. I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding my son for the first three months and made myself absolutely nuts trying to breastfeed exclusively. I think we both would have been a lot happier if I had not been so focused on breastfeeding as a measure of my success as a mother – finding a combination of both could have met my goals and allowed me to let others help.
    3. Get a really good pizza cutter. When you’re hungry and holding a baby in one arm you can cut just about anything with a good pizza cutter with your one free hand. Seriously.

    Congratulations! Be gentle with yourself.

  26. Yay! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Little girls are wonderful. Three of my four are girls and they are now my best friends. I also distinctly remember bringing home my first daughter and thinking, “Now what do I do? I’m actually responsible for a human!” You are not alone in your fear. Trust me though, you will do fine. And the sleep deprivation will get better too. I know the smaller babes take a little longer to catch on to breastfeeding but if it doesn’t work don’t beat yourself up. Your goal is a happy healthy baby. How you get there might look different from how others get there and that’s ok. Just take these first days home getting to know your daughter and put aside any guilt you have for not getting things done. These moments right now are so amazing. Enjoy each one.

  27. Check Woombie. I couldn’t have lived without them the first 6 months. No noisy Velcro, and they could zip up from top or bottom to make diaper changing easy. I remember just sleeping whenever possible. I didn’t get a lot of showers. Oh and my little boy rarely slept unless I sat and bounced on a Pilate ball while holding him. I looked at a lot of Pinterest those first few months.

  28. How precious those little feet are. Hold them and kiss them often, they grow so fast. My best advice is to trust yourself. You are her mama, and that is all that matters. You love her more than anyone else and because of that, you will always do right by her. You’ll make mistakes; we all do, but it’s okay. She won’t care because she will know you love her. Kids are some of life’s greatest teachers and you’ll grow more being a mom than you thought possible. Sleep when you can, like everyone else has said. But, don’t try to be like everyone else – do what works for you. Like you’ve so eloquently championed on your blog, don’t compare yourself with other moms. Do your thing, mother in your way and let the rest go. Your baby has her own personality and you have to learn to go with it. I had one baby who was bright eyed every night at 10:30 on the dot. I had 2 other kids before him, so he got to lay on the floor and play while I slept beside him until he figured out nights were for sleeping :) Some of my kids were good eaters, others weren’t. Some only breastfed, others ate so often and so much that after spending my 4th consecutive day in the fitting room at Target feeding my babe while my other kids ran amuck in the stall, I decided this child needed a bottle, and that was that. He is smart and athletic and musical, so no harm there!

    What a precious time in life, soak it up and bask in it.

  29. I was so relieved to see her sweet and beautiful “pinkies” pop up on my sidebar, Tristan.
    Isn’t amazing how your love GROWS each and every day?
    Congratulations to Mama, Papa and Baby B!

  30. Oh yay! Big congrats to you mama. What a sweet photo – I’m four months along myself so I’m totally happy to soak up anything and everything baby related. I’ve enjoyed all your pregnancy posts and am so happy for you now that she’s here. Much love!

  31. Her little toes! Welcome, beautiful baby! Tristan, congratulations to you and your sweet husband! Welcome to parenthood. I can tell that you are already assuming the roles with grace and strength. Enjoy and savor these moments, dear mama. I can’t wait to meet her!! If you need anything, holla! Let’s see… tips… if you have dimmer switches–maybe the kinds that you could adjust with your feet (as you will have your arms full with baby), that would be good because when you are up in the middle of the night, you definitely don’t want jarring, bright light to blind you :) p.s. I totally understand all of the exclamation points!! Thank you for sharing your journey…

  32. Congratulations to Mother and Dad and welcome, Baby Girl. My son will soon be 40; he said to me recently, “Mom, you’re not perfect. None of us are, me included. But you are awesome.” Children learn more from how we handle our imperfections than we can imagine. Every baby is a bit – or a lot – different from every other baby. You’ll find your way. Sleep when the baby sleeps! Love to you and your family.

  33. Al the lovely comments from your followers offer such great advise. How lucky for you. I did the pumping thing for AGES and we did manage to get it together eventually. You know what it doesn’t matter if you don’t. There is too much mother guilt out there that we ourselves have created. You will do a fine job. You always will Tristan! Again I am so happy for you.

  34. So excited to see your news and update! I’ve been checking
    Your blog quite often! ;) I’m a zombie right now semi
    Sick but I wanted to answer a couple of questions.
    For swaddling I remember I read the happiest baby
    On the block and that helped me a lot. Then regarding
    Feedings, I tried to put my first son on a schedule but
    It backfired because my milk supply was getting low. So for the other
    Two babes I fed them a lot for the first 8 weeks or so and then
    Around the 3rd months they were on a predictable schedule.
    For sleep deprivation, it was so hard and I went back to work
    When my first son was 5 months. I remember sitting
    In meetings and not retaining a word of what was being said.
    So I would pray that whatever amount of sleep I would get,
    It would have the effect of a full 8 hours of sleep. This worked!
    I would be functioning ok with little sleep.
    I noticed you mentioned in your title of this post ” Baby B”. Does her
    Name start with a B? My little girl’s name is Brissa :)
    I will be praying for you and this transition to motherhood :)

  35. Many congratulations Miss B to you both on the safe arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy!!! Wonderful news! All the emotions and tiredness you are feeling right now are COMPLETELY NORMAL!! All of us who have had babies will completely identify with your blog today! It’s simply the most amazing mind blowing experience in the world and nothing prepares you for it!! I remember holding my daughter for the first time like it was yesterday ….. and she’s 24 now and we are planning her wedding!!
    Enjoy the happy days ahead – the only advice I would give you is sleep when she does!!
    Very best wishes xxxxxxx.

  36. Congrats to you and your hubby. It is an awe~inspiring event, to be sure, and every time I do it I am amazed that I can feel so totally unprepared and so instantly in love at the same time. I have been given the enormous responsibility of caring for my newborn niece, born two weeks ago a month early and weighing only 4 lbs 4 oz as of today. I had no idea that we were going to have to take her, so unprepared is an understatement! I have some great advise on little babes now, including swaddling and sleeping with an infant who needs to eat every two hours just to gain weight, so please feel free to contact me if you would like any of my “save the day from mama’s before me advise”.. again huge congrats to you and remember you are already doing everything right just by loving her!

  37. So happy to hear of baby besotteds safe arrival. When you get anxious try to remember babies have been thriving for years without all the rules in play these days. All they really need is a mama and daddys love and she already has that!

  38. Congratulations on baby’s arrival; her toes are beautiful!! Sweet, precious baby feet are the best! I remember those early days. Each day around 5pm I would start crying like clockwork—I felt overwhelmed and anxious about the night ahead and everything was just too much! For some reason, even though J was healthy and strong, the thought of falling asleep, and not watching his every move, was terrifying and I felt that I would never sleep another night peacefully in my life. I even had a miniature flashlight that I would periodically shine on him throughout the night (his bassinet was by our bedside) to make sure he was breathing. I want to tell you this: It gets SO much easier and you WILL have good sleep again. I will also back-up the comment about Le Pause and Bringing Up Bebe. Best book we read, hands down. J was sleeping through the night by 4.5 months because we gently, and sensitively followed the pause method.

    As women who have such a keen sensitivity to the world (like you have) it’s an emotional roller coaster of overwhelming proportions. All the more love and beauty. Those tears are normal. Just want to encourage you that life will normalize and it will sooner than you may feel that it will now. That’s what other Mom’s told me and I was glad to hear it haha! Love to you and your husband and sweet girl!! xo

  39. Warmest congratulations on your precious one. I loved reading your words – so much love in them. I am so happy to hear you all are doing well – she sounds like a lively one! Those first weeks and months are indiscribable – a new life looking to you to keep it safe and happy. If you hold her tight and shower her with your love, you can do no wrong. The sleeping will come.

  40. Congratulation!! I only found your blog a few days ago randomly. I’ve been reading your blog every chance I get and got up to August 11th where you announced that you are pregnant. Then my mind told me why not check for any new updates and I just saw your beautiful post. Congratulations!!

    1. Sorry I was so excited I just read the entirety of the post!!! I personally think the fear of inadequacy is one of those things makes a mom a real and great mom. My sister and friends who are all have the same worry and fears… It means you care and want the best for your little peanut, and ain’t nothin wrong with that. There will be days that you don’t know what to do to stop the crying and just remember in those times of desperation that you are doing it right, you innately know what’s best for you little one, and sometimes baby’s just need to cry it out cause that it just what they know and a good way of them releasing any emotions they have… Remember to breathe and sleep whenever you can. As for the swaddling, did you get blankets from the hospital? You can just try using those for swaddling if the ready made ones aren’t cuttin it…

      You will be amazing! And remember you have many of us here willing to help how we can, even if it’s to just offer words of happiness and encouragement!

  41. Hi there :)

    We had some trouble here with getting the breastfeeding going, but I persevered and it was so worth it! When she was very young she just seemed either too tired or to frantic to drink and it is more difficult when they don’t have the strength in their neck to position themselves, so you have to do it all for them. I used the following advice; snuggle up in bed with your baby, placing her on your belly, skin to skin contact, so your little one only in a nappy and you with bare belly. I didn’t believe it until I saw it because I struggled so much to make her latch on even though it was right there for her to take :)), but in this position she will crawl up herself and latch on. Not sure whether your lovely girl is too small still to do this but skin to skin contact seems to be the way to go if you have trouble getting it to work. And yes it does hurt but all of sudden it stops hurting too. And yes it is all very overwhelming, to be a mom and to have the responsibilty and love for such a vulnerable being. All your feelings are normal! TAKE CARE and be easy on yourself. This is the start of an amazing journey :)

  42. Oh joyeaux!!!!!! The first days are terrorizing – my husband wanted to call 911 when my daughter turned bright purple-red in the face on day 2 after we brought her home, but it was soon very clear she was trying to poop for the first time. The terror usually morphs to a low-grade fear, and the heart-splitting, mind-crushing, soul-expanding love you feel for this helpless, beautiful being propels you forward. The thing about babies is that they are, in fact, amazingly resilient. Congrats to Mama, Papa and Baby B – Tristan, you are going to rock as a mom!

  43. Congratulations Mama T! You’re going to be so amazing at it and I’m sure your little one is going to be just as creative as her mama! I can’t wait to hear more and send you big hugs and well wishes. Congratulations on your bundle of love- there is not a greater miracle.

  44. Congratulations! It is such a time of wonder and utter amazement. And exhaustion. I would encourage you to rest when you can, and keep expectations low for getting much more than feeding and bathing done. You are recovering, too. I hope your nausea is long gone. Mostly, I wish I could drop by with a meal and heartfelt congrats. Before you know it, you will be an old pro at this baby business!

  45. Cannot wait to hear the name! I am soooo excited for you! I know right now it all seems scary and overwhelming and difficult and then add in the lack of sleep…you are amazing and whatever you do will be right. Don’t let any advice sway you if it feels wrong (well, other than shaking the baby, but you won’t do that) and find your moments of peace wherever you can!

  46. aaw! congrats!!! welcome into this new adventure! enjoy every moment of it, no need to feel guilty about anything, you dealt with a situation and I think, if you follow your instincts you can never do something wrong for your daughter. time will fly in fast forward mode now so, enjoy!

  47. Tristan, our mutual friend Mary has kept me up a bit on your whereabouts and goings on but WOW didn’t expect to come upon all this. Huge congrats to you! SO WONDERFUL. I’m assuming Mary knows. :) Your blog is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and the ultimate in what I imagine blogs to be. I’ve been dabbling — and have a dining blog here in LA now as I figure out how this fits. In the meantime, I will check yours often for inspiration. Lots of love and happiness to you. You’ve earned it. And it’s a beautiful thing to picture you as a mommy. xo

  48. Congrats, Tristan!
    Enjoy this wonderful time bonding and nurturing your little one who needs you the most, anything else can wait. Just release yourself from worries and any anxiety that might creep in. Wish you the best on this new journey. Lots of love and happiness to you! xx

  49. yay!!! Congrats!! I am so excited for you and know you are a wonderful mom. Your carried Little Miss around despite everything you went through and I know she will always be thankful to have such a lovely and beautiful soul like you to care and adore her all the days of her life! Much love and big hugs from Copenhagen!

  50. Congratulations!! We used The Love To Dream Sleep Suits. They are awesome. My son is now 12 months and he still sleeps in the 50/50 with the arms zipped off. He really has a sleep association with them.

    Congratulations and remember to remind yourself regularly that you are doing great!

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