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Thank you all so much for your warm wishes and great advice, it was so greatly appreciated. I haven’t had a chance to go through every one of the comments yet, but I plan on it!  I went back to work this week and even though I was so tired I thought my eyes would bleed, but I went back with gusto.  I have to.  As you know I was super sick and wasn’t able to work for nearly six months and we have medical bills that are astronomical so maternity leave is not an option for moi, we are are two income household. I have been putting the baby in her carrier and work in 1 hour to 1.5 hour increments.  It’s amazing how efficient you can get when you have to be, I thought I was efficient before but you don’t even know how organized I have become, I’m like a very tired, but efficient machine.

I thought I would have at least 3 more weeks to get some of the new offerings up in the shop for holiday, but I was only able to get some of the new stationery offerings up before baby.  I didn’t want to add stationery until I had the perfect stock, I am a little nuts about paper and I love either extra thick or onion skin thin, not in between.  I am using a beautiful luxe cotton cardstock and having the sets professionally printed, they are perfect for gifting!  I had been asked about the monograms being turned into stationery forever and viola, here it is! I also have the wax seal, a clean modern type and a glamorous typeset one.  I will soon be adding the striped bow (one of the most popular designs). I have some new stamps that I think will be a welcome addition, but I haven’t figured out how to shoot product in the tiny window of time I have.  Gosh, I have so many things I want to add!  I can’t wait to share with you.

I am weary to do a giveaway because I haven’t had the winners claiming the prizes which makes me sad, lol, but in the spirit of holiday and being so very grateful I am absolutely going to do a giveaway of one of the sets.  So I will make this super simple and ask:

What are you grateful for this week?

Answer the question by Sunday, December 1, 2013 and I will announce the winner on Monday, December 2, 2013.  December already? Wow! And because Black Friday is around the corner I think a little discount code is order, THANKS2013 for free shipping on orders over $40 (international too!) until November 30th. Good luck!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they just welcomed to the world a baby girl. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

37 thoughts on “NEW ECO-LUXE STATIONERY!

  1. i am not entering your giveaway, but i am VERY grateful all is well in your world. congratulations, tristan!!
    and ps: the stationery looks lovely. i too am a stickler for paper stock perfection. :)

  2. So happy you are settling in to a routine. You think you are busy before le bébé….but afterward you wonder what you did with all that ‘free’ time before she arrived! I have no doubt that you will be fabulous at it all!
    I am very grateful because A) I completed my mandatory French integration course! and B) my son is coming to France for Christmas!!!!!! Knowing that he will be here just puts everything in perspective.
    By the way, I love you for shipping internationally!!!!!

  3. in honor of my oldest sister (who has always longed for personalized stationary) i am grateful for her and her calming presence in my life. she has the kindest, most extraordinary soul. thanks for doing a giveaway!


  4. I have been mildly depressed for a couple of weeks because my husband and I are living in a new city, overseas, with few friends, and I am missing my family and friends back in the States. But recently I have been able to open my eyes and realize that I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy this adventure in Rio de Janeiro, and I need to stop being sad and start enjoying life. So I have decide to be grateful for the opportunity to experience a gorgeous city. Rio is so unique and interesting, and I’m starting to really enjoy living here!

  5. Congratulations – both for baby b and creating an organized routine. I have a stickie note on my computer that says “it’s okay to be happy with a calm life” and I am grateful that my life is calm at the moment. I work retail, so heading into the holiday season this is a blessing.

  6. Congratulations on the new stationery line it is beautiful, and I must say, you can “feel” the quality of the paper coming through in the images. Good on you for getting back to work after the babe, and super organised too! Hoping the tiredness passes for you soon.

    This November, I am grateful for good health, after a frightening scare earlier in the year which could have gone either way, I am grateful to get to this end of the year and find myself with “good health”.

  7. I am quite grateful this week for time—time off, time well spent, quiet time,time together, mealtime, quality time and most definitely, a good time! Thanks for the giveaway. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. HI! Congrats on the new bebe!! I am grateful for my two little boys whose spunk, charisma, and enthusiasm for life is a reminder to live in this moment.

  9. Wow, thanks for the free international shipping – I can finally buy something from you :) Yupi!!!
    I’m grateful for my husband, I know this is so ‘original’ but he is my HERO, my SUPER STAR, my PRECIOUS, my HEART, my WORLD, my EVERYTHING! I love him and thanks God we found each other.

  10. My mother. I had my second little baby boy four weeks ago and my mom flew over 3000 miles to stay with me for two weeks to help me with them both. She left this morning and I am missing her so much. Nothing like becoming a mom to make you more grateful for your own.

    Huge congratulations to you!!

  11. Hello and many congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl, what a thrilling, awesome gift. Cannot wait to read the name! (And hope you got my name list…). For your giveaway: Please do not give them up, your giveaways are unique and captivating and I’m sure people have very good reasons for not claiming, whatever those are (though I would never!) I am so grateful for technology which allows me to help my young tots build a relationship with my family through regular video calls, and even helps facilitate this year’s first ever holiday gift exchange among cousins! It is adding so much meaning to our holidays this year. And of course, we will hold a video call during which cousins will open their gifts! Loving family. (Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, especially this very joyous one.)

  12. Congrats on your new adventures in life. Life is very short and we are promised tomorrow. Yet every grateful for the days and experiences given to everyone of us. I am grateful for life and those who are part of this journey. :)

  13. I love that you’re able to be so organized, what a great feeling!

    I am grateful for technology during the holidays and being able to Facetime and Skype with my sisters and parents. I am living in California and not able to go back to Texas for Thanksgiving. What I wouldn’t give for an app that lets you smell the delicious scents of turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing and Mom’s apple pie! Maybe next year ;)

  14. I am so thankful for the means and ability to travel. New adventures put life into perspective and I am so very grateful for that.

  15. Thanks for this giveaway, Tristan, and congratulations on having a healthy baby girl! To answer the contest question, I am ever so grateful for the simplest moments in my life that turn out to be the happiest. My dancing two year old always brings a smile to my lips, specially when she does it in public and without a care in the world.

  16. I am grateful for sunshine, and especially in winter… I realize just how much magic there is in natural light, from the first to the last rays.
    Congratulations on your precious baby! I have to admit, I cannot wait to see some pictures…lol

  17. I am grateful every day for my family who supports me on every level of my life (including financially when needed! Haha). I don’t think most people appreciate their family until they are adults, and I have definitely reached that point in my life. I am also grateful for popcorn and getting to live in the amazing city of San Francisco!

  18. Hi! I LOVE your Etsy site, this is my first time on your blog but as everything is gorgeous and i’m a stationary nut bag I’m definitely coming back. The bow stamp is my fave – on my wish list, I also recently got a stamp carousel and have only one stamp that works with it so far, it’s fabulous that yours have handles. :)
    This week I’m incredibly thankful that my sister-in-law had a successful C-Section yesterday. Unfortunately the baby has some potentially severe complications but for now it was born looking health and crying his little lungs out. It’s a good start. :)

  19. I love your stationary! So clean. I’m grateful for my family, and especially my parents- the graciousness and generosity they have consistently shown to me.

  20. I’m grateful for all that is beautiful in the world and having the senses, mind, and heart to appreciate it. I’d love to win this giveaway!

  21. for a loving husband who encourages me (and both with words and willingness to work along side me) to pursue my dreams – and listens to my verbal thought process! Such a man is a true gem.

  22. I will forever be grateful that my son returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan healthy of body and sound of mind.

  23. I am grateful for the multiple opportunities, examples and inspirations towards becoming an entrepreneur

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