I came home last night to my very naughty Frenchie Bella leisurely reclined on one of the pairs of my black silk vintage club chairs. Even if she had a glass of vino and cigarette in her paw she couldn’t  have looked more relaxed.   Did she jump abruptly off the furniture in a moment of panic and guilt when she spotted me?  Nope. Bella knows better than to be on the chairs, she sheds like crazy and white shedding Frenchie plus black furniture is a no-no.  These chairs will one day be re-upholstered in a natural Belgian linen (one mystical, magical day when I come into some excess cash…). I digress…I wanted to scold her and remind her that I have lambasted her father (the Fancy) for lesser infractions, but whenever she tilts her head just so and gives me that ‘What me? Did I do something wrong?’ look she gets yet another free pass to bad behavior.  I’m an enabler, it’s true.

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