Are you on the Besotted Brand mailing list?  You aren’t? Your email is stuffed to the gills?  I get it, I do. I don’t email that often, pinky promise. I refrain, even though I would love to email you more, (I think I have a tinge of stalker in my veins) but I  control my impulses well.  I always do super deals (twice I have offered 50% off the entire shop!) I know I Besotted over killed this here blog this week, forgive me, I am on a holiday high.  I wanted to wait but the rest of the world wouldn’t allow it, so I am caving in and totally getting into the spirit.  
Last year I launched  a Holiday Concierge service as an after thought, it was something that I wished other retailers had, but didn’t so I figured I would just put it out there for you, it was a huge hit!  The idea is I will wrap any of your purchases you desire in either kraft paper or round kraft boxes (depending on size of item) add natural twine and some glitter silver bells (tres chic), I will also send directly to your recipient so you don’t have to (in the States you will even receive a tracking # so you know when it gets delivered).  The best part is I will type a personalized note or tag for you, it’s effortless gifting!  I have also been putting together a ton of custom sets for the wood printers tray, you tell me your budget and we work together to fill it with items within your budget.  It’s such an amazing gift, it’s really useful and your recipient can paint it or stain it, etc.  I use these to house my stamps, plus I have one on my desk for pencils, paper clips, labels, nibs, twine etc.  The boxes are nice and slim so they don’t take up much room and they stack well.  If your New Year’s resolution is to get organized this is a good start–hint, hint. Okay, enough, I will lay off the shop for a bit, thank you for indulging me!

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