New York I love you, but the weather has not been pleasant.  Tuesday had to be 100% humidity. If you follow me on Twitter you would know that yesterday when I was running around from meeting to meeting that my t-shirt was soaked through and through and my hair, oh please, my hair looked liked I stuck my finger in a light socket.  Such a bad look. My event though, now that was a huge success, I was surrounded by so many editors from the top tier home magazines that I thought I might faint from being so star struck. Dara and Eugenia from everyone’s beloved Domino (now at Veranda), oh come on, does it get any better than that?  Yes, yes, it does, Margaret Russell the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest and Michael Boodro the editor-in-chief of Elle Decor (who happens to be one of the nicest individuals ever). The girls from Lonny were at the event (be still my beating heart), Newell the editor-in-chief of House Beautiful. I am serious, little ol’ Miss B. was in the epicenter of the home publishing cognoscenti.  Do these people even have any idea how enamored I am by their books?  I love, love, love perusing through each and every one of their mags planning my future dream home(s) but who doesn’t?  Minus the humidity the night was sublime. BUT, I was equally as excited to come back to the hotel and post another giveaway!  The above is a wood handled stamp, I used this same style stamp for the muslin bags for my pretty parcels.  This is an actual ‘Fig. 1’ from an 18th century natural science plate.  I saw this and knew it was the one.  Believe me I bought a lot of these plates before I settled on the perfect ‘Fig. 1’. It’s tiny, as it should be, I am all about the petite.  Since this photograph was taken I convinced my manufacturer to custom make my wood handle stamps so they are more in line with Besotted Brand, they will have black handles and bleached natural wood at the base, a divine combination.  Most of my hand stamps are set up with lucite bases but I believe a beautiful wood handled stamp does have its place and I think makes a fine functional decorative element for your decor, no?
I am going to be giving one wood handled ‘Fig. 1’ stamp away, it will arrive in a signature Besotted Brand wood box for  safe storage. You  will have until next Wednesday October 5, 2011 to enter and I will announce the winner on October 6th. Just leave a comment, you can enter as many times as you help me spread the word. So comment and then pin this post, tweet it, facebook it, get a friend to join the mailing list and come back and leave a comment, whatever it takes, spread the word! Thank you to everyone that has been helping me spread the word, it is such a delight to see ‘Besotted Brand’ in lights, I can’t tell you enough how thrilled and grateful I am for all the love.  
P.S. Em asked about Souvenir Foto School and I will be doing a class as soon as the shop is launched and the events are over for work. I will make that announcement soon!


  1. Hello Miss B!

    Wonderful to read about your exciting news and to hear you were in my home town….albeit the late summer humidity!

    Please say hello to the Chrysler building for me – such an elegant creature which I used to see from my childhood apartment window.

    Take care and travel well!


  2. You are killing me with these teasers about your store. That smudge on the window? That’s from me pressing my forehead on it trying to peer in.

    I should just pre-order one of everything…..

  3. I just stumbled upon your site by way of Making it Lovely’s mention of your open letter to carnations and can’t wait to see what all is going on here, cause so far, it look right up my alley! beautiful stamp!

  4. As a fellow elephant AND pinterest fan, I am enamored with all your posts! Please feel free to check out my pins- becky cressy- I would be honored!

  5. i seriously need everything you have to offer. so wonderful- your vision for your store. i’ve been repinning you on pinterest and tweeting.. i hope the good vibes out into the interwebs brings you much traffic when your store officially opens!

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