Happy Monday!  I know, I know, I bet you thought I would never be uttering those two words, but here I am uttering away.  I have actually been in a state of complete panic since Friday, this weekend did me no favors and went by at lightening speed.  I am not only launching the shop tomorrow but flying out of my zipcode to throw a party hosted by the most powerful editor in home design magazine history. (lol, no not for Besotted)  It’s my last event before I bid adieu to my other life and embark on this new one. Yes, I have been breathing heavily into paper bags for the last 72 hours.  I can do this, yes I can.  Okay, so some things you must know if you decide to partake in the party which is the launch.  I will be shipping all orders on Saturday 10.15. On Sunday I am having a bar built into my studio so I don’t have to bend over and pack, (just sending out the prizes this weekend killed my back).  I know you thought I was going to build a bar to drink myself into a stupor, right?  I should, but I won’t because I am so flippin’ excited, launching this shop is as thrilling to me as getting a new puppy or bunny–really.  The items that will be featured are only a fraction of the offerings, I haven’t had time to add all the inventory, but after this week I will have a lot more time to do so. I want to clarify that Besotted Brand is not just a paper goods store, oh no, we are purveyors of fine design (that’s trademarked so don’t even think about stealing it, I will poke you in the eye).  I have apothecary coming (I need testers!), along with fine jewelry and home goods.  If I think it is beautiful + useful and I love it I am going to either design it, find it, or collaborate on it for you.  Did I mention I am getting married a month from the launch?  Have I officially lost my mind?  Quite possibly. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter I think you should, because those fine folks are going to  be privy to more than the average bear.
P.S.RALIEIGH-ELIZABETH, you need to email me your address!

13 thoughts on “BESOTTED BRAND LAUNCHES 10.11.11

  1. All I have on my mind right now is SHOOOOPIPPPIIIINNNGGGG!
    But gosh, it sounds like you have so much more! No need for the paper bags, Miss B., you can do it! Look, you’re doing it!
    Go enjoy yourself at the party! And dear gods congratulations on your wedding! You haven’t lost your mind, but you are crazy wonderful. You sure don’t let anything stop you, and this is your year of change.
    Congratulations & Good luck!

  2. SO exciting!!! I will be posting about it, and if you have any specific images you want me to use, send them my way…and I didn’t realize your wedding was so close!! What a great year for you!!! xo

  3. hooooray!! congratulations!! i can’t wait to see all of your goodies you have to offer! testers? oh, i’m a good tester.. i was born to be a tester.. i was a tester in my former life. i can test like nobody’s business. =)

  4. Miss B! If you need testers for the apothecary I’m your girl!!! I’ve had a non-stop migraine for going on 6 years. I’ve had 2 neurosurgeries, heart surgery, countless painful procedures and taken oumore meds than I can count. Nothing has worked. I’m guessing your apothecary will be more lotions and potions based, but you know what they say ‘Look (and smell) good, feel better’! Drop me a line ;o)

  5. OOOHHH!!!! YEAH!!! Congrats!

    I here by volunteer to be a tester!!! PLEASE!!!!

    You don’t have to mail me anything – I can pick up anywhere in LA ;)

  6. By the freakish nature of the internet, I discovered No. 2 by one T.B. recently, and I wonder if something like that will make it’s way into your store??

    And the Fancy is to be the Fancy no more? Will he have a new title??


  7. Thank you ladies for all the support, I am going to faint any second now, but so appreciate the love!

    Yea!!!! Testers, I so need testers! Please email me you addresses with a note of what scents you can not stand and which one’s you love. Kelly I do have some products that I think will be great to help soothe a migraine (I get them too and I know every little thing helps) and Kate yes I will be adding fine fragrance but not until next year.


    Miss B.

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