The Ultimate Stationery Set has been sold out since Christmas and I have been waiting patiently (okay, impatiently) for my wood boxes to be made, painted and delivered to the studio. It seemed like forever. They arrived yesterday and I quickly got to work packing them up with all their goodies. This is one of my very favorite items in the shop, although the Luxe Correspondence Set I put up for those that couldn’t wait, runs a close second. I especially like that one because the box is modeled after old time letterpress printer boxes and has a see-through sliding cover (it also makes awesome storage for your hand stamps). I have so many ideas centered around that box. I think you could do so much like stain it and make it look worn (like these awesome crates). Sigh.  I am sold out of ink now though, my inventory skills need assistance, I am not the worlds greatest counter. I signed up for this program and love how organized I feel.  I am being very conservative right now with my inventory because we are looking to relocate and I don’t want too have to pack too much precious cargo that could be ruined in a move (pristine, I like my parcels to arrive to their destination pristine).  I will write more in-depth about the relocation efforts, but we do have a ticket booked for North Carolina (outside of Raleigh) for the middle of March and we are driving up the West coast and going to Portland the first week of March. We have our dog friendly hotel all booked!  I definitely will be wanting to hear from everyone on these two places, but want to give it it’s own shiny post.

P.S. Don’t forget about the Natural History Prints Giveaway, I won’t be able to take these when I move and I did make them especially for you. Check it out here.


  1. You put so much care and effort into your products. They are just beautiful.

    Feel free to scout out Wichita, KS. We don’t have that much to offer, but you could take me on as your inventory assistant. Seriously though, how exciting for you to get to have this adventure. I hope you find somewhere to land that you both love!

  2. Toi, I am out of my mind excited. All I keep thinking of is that I want a place that will allow pygmy goats (shhh, my husband doesn’t have this same requirement), it’s just me and my brain plotting;) I would love to check out Kansas, he vetoed Austin, too hot, lol. So let me see what he says about Kansas.

  3. I am SO glad you are going to be in Portland! I hope I can tackle you with a big bear hug!

    And I’m so glad the boxes are in stock now! I may need to make another order here shortly…..*cough* Thankfully, it’s all for the business so I don’t have to justify the money spent to hubby! ;)

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