I am not exaggerating when I say that I have boxes upon boxes of new inventory that I am unpacking.  I have wanted to add a storage element for the stamps to the shop for awhile. I have personally been using these wood ‘printers tray inspired’ ones in the studio but I could not get the cost feasible to re-sell unless I ordered so many that I would not have room to move in my studio, so I did! I just love them, they look great, have a slim profile so they don’t take up a ton of space, stack well and they are super practical.  Of course don’t need to use them for the stamps you could put other office accoutrements in them or use them as bead/jewelry storage, etc.  I want to stain some, I haven’t tried yet, it is on my super long to-do list.  They have an optional plexi-glass slide top which you can choose to use or not.  I think it’s a nice touch to keep dust + dirt away from the stamps as you really want to keep them away from rogue particles so they continue to print crisply for many moons. I hope you like the new offering!  You can get yours here.


  1. i love this so much i just bought it ;) been debating how to store my rapidly growing stamp collection and this looks about perfect!

    ps the antler stamp – is that something we’ll see in the shop soon?! it’s very beautiful!

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