I have been blogging for about five years now, maybe more, I have lost count.  Isn’t it strange how fast  time goes by when you are busy flapping your gums to the interwebs? For about the same amount of time I have been posting photo’s of cute animals almost every Monday (sometimes I get lazy and post on some other random day of the week).  The thing that I find so miraculous is that even after all this time the internet never ceases to amaze me with the amount of cute it can serve up.  This little black pug?  I’ve never even spied his/her cute mug before and just like magic I happen to find this sweet little face staring wistfully at me as if to say, “Yes, I am indeed your next Monday post.”

BTW, feel like a jaunt to Paris? Yeah, me too, visit Jordan and have a Happy Day!

photo by la te da photography

12 thoughts on “BLACK BABY PUG

  1. Wow five years, that’s awesome! And yes, the cuteness out there is crazy…I’ve never seen this guy. You have an uncanny ability to find the cutest!

  2. I saw this adorable little thing on Pinterest… instant pick-me-up:D I thank the Internetz daily for all of the cuteness it has show me, haha

  3. I saw this on Pinterest..Adorable puppy. Though, I just wanted to say that this isn’t a black pug. Its a French Bulldog. We used to have 2 a few years ago.. Their ears go up and pointy as they grow up :)

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