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I never understood the saying ‘hope floats’ (and um, I never bothered to look it up), but Michelle and I have been discussing how the heart/soul is buoyant and it wasn’t until the Paris events that I finally understood what it truly means. I think ‘hope’ like ‘wishes’ get a bad rap, but I do believe society needs both. This quote really drove it home. There will always be bad in the world, that is a given, but there will also be good, such goodness that we sometimes will take it all for granted not thinking twice. Taking for granted how good we have it, that is not a terrible thing, it’s a beautiful thing to have so many splendid, deliriously wonderful, dare I say magical things in our life that we don’t even notice them. We have an abundance of good and we have hope, don’t let anyone ever steal that from you. Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected, we wish we could take away the pain, the events, go back and stop time, we can’t of course, but we can maintain hope and we can hold our loved ones tighter and maybe take a few more moments each day to savor how much good there is in the world.

P.S. We collected some resources to get some good news. Far from being cheesy, I read many stories that had me in tears of happiness, I hope you feel the same way!


random acts of kindness

Daily Good

Good News Network


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