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I stopped reading blogs ages ago, because I was afraid I would be too easily influenced by them, in retrospect I did myself an incredible disservice, not only did I miss out on community but I also missed out on new discoveries! I know, it’s so hard when there’s limited time and giving a ‘heart’ on Instagram or stalking your ex on Facebook is so much easier (I jest, my FB account is suspended for non-use, true), but you get my drift.

I recently read Erin Boyle’s book Simple Matters, I did not know she had a blog, her book had come up as recommended reading based on past reads. It’s a lovely little book, which is in line with her ‘less is more’ philosophy. I am a minimalist but she has taken it to whole new heights living in 240 square feet with obviously the best husband on earth (because if I lived in a 240 square foot apartment with my husband…), they now live in an under 500 square foot apartment with a toddler and soon to add a newborn. This is truly sticking to your ideals. Erin lives in New York city and I love her philosophy as using her city as an extension of her living space, think picnics in the park, etc. Erin has a good eye and exquisite taste, after I stopped by her blog I wished I knew about it sooner. Since we have already discussed blogs going the way of the dodo, I figured I’d give some mentions to blogs that are still out there and thriving, because it’s possible, anything is possible, right? If you are interested in a crash course in simple living than her book is for you, if you could have written the book on minimalist living then it is not, but your minimalist loving heart will embrace it–it is pared down, organized and well written. My only gripe would be I would have loved more of the gorgeous photographs that are in the book, but there’s the blog to visit to get your eye candy fix!


Reading my tea leaves

Simple Matters- For anyone looking to de-clutter and organize their life

Erin Boyle Instagram

If you want more reading for a simple life here are a few that I enjoyed:

Plain Simple Useful by Terence Conran

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (be prepared to feel incredibly guilty)

Life Changing Magic of Tidying-up by Marie Kondo

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