Win Lettering Rx for you and a friend!


As most of you may know we have a lovely little tool for cleaning + digitizing your lettering (and illustrations) called Lettering Rx. It has been a game changer for many of us, allowing us to letter or draw and share our work in a quick, efficient manner. The response to this product has been amazing (downright evangelical!) and we thank our lucky stars for such a vibrant community of enthusiasts.  To celebrate we are giving Lettering Rx its own platform and mailing list so we can share the work created with this magical product from our incredibly talented users. AND the ever wonderful Fozzybook is hosting a giveaway on her Instagram feed so both you and a friend could win a set!

We have some pretty special add-ons to the Lettering Rx set coming soon including a limited time freebie only available to individuals on the mailing list, so don’t miss out!


Win a set for you and a friend!

Mailing list (for freebies, updates, announcements and more!)

Have your work featured!

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