I am usually very selfish with my resources, actually selfish may be too harsh, more like protective.  I am not a blogger that makes my income blogging but I do make my income designing and in that respect I feel like I can only share so much.  I can’t tell you how many emails I get asking about the fonts I use and I cringe because I really, really want to share but not at the expense of my not being able to pay my rent.  I love you, but I am sure you don’t want me, my grumpy husband and two insane dogs moving in with you, right? I have shared my friend Debi’s font Belluccia, so to keep that streak of helping my talented pals out I am going to let you know about some amazingly creative + beautiful handlettered fonts by Jessica McCarty of Magpie Paperworks.  Jessica was kind enough to send me a virtual hug when I was having a frustrating time with my last custom client and even agreed to be interviewed in my future series on ‘how to work with a graphic designer’, how could I keep her from you any longer?  I love every last one of them.  You have your choice from casual to elegant and everything in between. They are incredibly original and are perfect if you are doing a d.i.y. event.  Jessica is also a talented graphic designer + artist and can help you create a beautiful custom wedding suite that is as unique as you are.  This is my version of a virtual hug back to her and also one just for you.  Enjoy the resource!


  1. I just worked with Jess on my wedding stationery suite and she was a DREAM! And I never asked what font she used. :-) I was so excited to see her fonts here, though…I’ve been reading for a while, just never commented.

  2. Thank you Lynne:) Meaghan, lucky you! She is really so talented + nice an awesome combo in my book. Did she hand letter for you as well? I LOVE her unique style!

  3. I absolutely adore Magpie Paperwork fonts! Vermandois has been on the top of my wish list for a while now, and I keep hoping I get a design project that will justify my purchasing it soon! All of the fonts are so thoughtfully created, with such attention to detail.

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