Do you ever do something and then realize after the fact that you did it all wrong?  I did just that the other day when I was putting together an Ikea nightstand and used the wrong screws, it was so obvious yet I did it any way. I sat there with half-made drawers and no more screws and then had the pleasant job of taking them all apart and starting from scratch-grrr!  The same thing happened with this stamp design.  The sample image was wrong which I obliviously (and happily) sent off to the factory to be made. You would think once it arrived that I would have noticed the mistake, but no, I actually stamped it + photographed it not noticing that anything was awry.  I brought the photos into Lightroom to edit and was pleased as pie with them. It wasn’t until I brought the photos into Photoshop (for detail work) did I realize the text on the bottom of the stamp was upside down.  Yes, I am a genius.  You can see my mistake here.  What makes this story more mind boggling was that this is not a new design; I have had the postmark stamps since my first Etsy shop many moons ago and have made hundreds of these stamps prior, here I am with this veteran design and I was able to confidently re-create it upside down?! Thankfully, I finally caught my mistake and promptly re-made it.  This newly revised (and quite perfect now) stamp was made for Kate & Simon the winners of SS08, the postmark style stamp.   I love the simplicity + cleanliness of it and am very happy to gift this to the winners.  Congrats Kate (and Simon)! For those that would like to get their own postmark stamp you can order yours this week for 50% off by using the code SS08 at checkout.

P.S. If you would like to be a winner too, there’s more designs to be made so visit this post and throw your name into the running!


  1. Woweee! I only just saw this, but am SO EXCITED to see our wedding date in important red ink. Thank you SO MUCH Miss B, really, we love you and we love Besotted xx

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