Digitize your lettering + illustrations!

Digitize your lettering and illustrations giveaway calligraphy.org and foto rx

I love when things come full circle, don’t you?  What seems like a lifetime ago I had an itch to try my hand at calligraphy, something more modern/contemporary. Only a handful of artists were out there and I actually had the nerve to contact Betsy Dunlap to ask if she would teach me (she didn’t do that sort of thing). You see at the time there was NO where to learn how to do this. I didn’t know what supplies to buy, I didn’t no where to start, there were no tutorials, there were no classes, it was so frustrating.

Illustration cleaned and digitized with lettering Rx

Then one day calligrapher Melissa Esplin said she was going to launch an online modern calligraphy course, did I mention at the time NO ONE was doing this?  I was probably her first student, or nearly that, it was a huge investment at the time, but that single class changed my course, I was able to produce lettering that I could only dream of previously, it was a happy, happy time. I made all sorts of graphics that were pinned and brought in many visitors to the blog to learn more, I was able to produce lettering for my (now defunct) stationery shop. As I got more and more into lettering I was getting more disappointed with how long it took me to clean my lettering and illustrations. Armed with a burning desire to make the digitizing process easier (so I could go back to lettering), Michelle and I sat in our lab/studio and worked tirelessly to create Lettering Rx to clean up lettering and get it digitized in a couple of clicks. When I finally had the first set in my hands I promptly sent it off to Melissa to thank her. To my complete thrill Melissa wrote back that she loved it and she had been using it, to my even deeper thrill she has now been using it for years! To me this is such a huge validation of our product that a professional lettering artist uses our set to assist with the cleaning and digitizing makes me want to run around high five-ing strangers.  This week we have teamed up with Melissa and her now lettering empire Calligraphy.org to give away 3 Lettering Rx  sets, one for you and one one for a friend!

P.S. I am doing a 30 day challenge to draw simplified botanicals + wildflower wreaths. I only have about 10-15 minutes a day, but it’s some of the most relaxing minutes of my life right now. I love how meditative it is. I will definitely be using Lettering Rx to clean and digitize so I can share my progress with you!


Chance to win a Lettering Rx set for you and a friend from Calligraphy.org

Melissa Esplin


Lettering Rx

Lettering Rx (demo)

My sketchbook (I didn’t want to get too fancy or else I wouldn’t draw anything!)

Le Pen drawing pens (loving these so much


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  1. Awesome! I feel like I had the exact same early calligraphy journey– I waited almost a year for Melissa’s online class to launch (and actually only took it a couple years ago). Love the illustrations :)

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