Easily restore vintage photos with Vintage Foto Fix Coming Soon!


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We have been on overdrive with our workload these last couple of months, lucky for us we love what we do!  We have many exciting things coming–a photo shoot for a branding client, a much loved project that we did, we loved it so much I told Michelle I wished it was our branding! Super excited that we get to shoot/style/edit for her, I love cohesive branding. We have a top secret project that we have been working on for years now coming to a launch soon, you don’t even know how happy I will be when we can set that birdie free! And we are launching a Vintage Foto Fix set for Foto Rx in April! I don’t know about you, but being able to quickly clean up (and save) many cherished memories is one of the best feelings ever. It has also forced me to do some much needed scanning and digital archiving, because prior I only had originals and those can so easily be lost or destroyed. We are popping in today to see if anyone would like to provide us with hi-res scans of vintage family photos to potentially use for our before + afters, if we choose to use it we will edit and send you a copy of the edited image!  You can upload images to our shop by hitting contact here .

We are super excited and hope you take us up on our offer and send in those scanned photos!


Vintage Foto Fix | One Click Photo Repair Coming Soon!

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4 thoughts on “Easily restore vintage photos with Vintage Foto Fix Coming Soon!

  1. I am SO excited about this new Foto Rx set as I have so many beautiful and cherished family photos that I would like to preserve! Thank you in advance for making my job easier. Can’t wait for this release!

    1. Oh, you are going to have SO much fun with it! We just went through a boat load yesterday of family photos! Our faves are the Polaroids from the 60’s that all have seemed to fade terribly (guess they weren’t working on the archival properties of that film!) If you are up for it email us some scans of some photos and we’ll knock out some edits for you!

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