Introducing Rare Bird Font Foundry!

rare bird font foundry announcement via besottedAs anyone who reads this blog may know, our love for typography runs deep. We have been featuring lettering artists for years and years now and are devoted to supporting these artists and helping them flourish. So it is with great excitement (understatement) that we announce our soon to launch font foundry! Originally, we started this project (3 years ago now!), because there was a need in the marketplace for beautiful hand-lettered fonts, Magpie Paper Works was the only one at the time really fulfilling this need.  Magpie’s foundry is still in my estimation the creme de la creme of fonts and I have never tired of Jess McCarty’s hand. We decided along with Jess to take on a most ambitious project, a project that feels like it has taken on epic proportions, we have come together to create the most authentic looking, most advanced, highest quality hand-lettered fonts in the industry and have tapped only the very best lettering artists (both the famed and up & coming) to develop their signature hands into fonts of the highest caliber available. These are not just fonts, but for a designer, your secret weapons. These fonts are head and shoulders above the rest and I do not say this lightly, we have spent untold hours in development, testing, perfecting and creating something that looks so beautifully handcrafted that you would be hard-pressed to find anything else of this quality on the market. We have come together to bring you the Rare Bird Font Foundry–luxury fonts for discerning designers.

Rare Bird fonts in progress via besotted

For those that love hand-lettering nothing will ever replace someone actually taking nib to paper (although, that is most certainly how all our fonts are initially created, see above in progress) but in creating the foundry we are hoping to give our artists an opportunity to build their brand into something much bigger, allowing them to pursue many more opportunities and dreams. We are also wanting to support our fellow designers, giving them tools to create something magnificent and the confidence to know that they are working with quality materials.  We are beyond excited and we hope you will be too!  Our plan is to launch in July, we do hope you sign-up to be notified and tell your friends too. More details will be forthcoming (like who are artists will be!!!) we can’t wait to take you along on this new wild ride!


Rare Bird Font Foundry launch sign-up (be the first to know!)

Some of our fave Magpie Paper Works fonts : 1 /2/3

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