I don’t think it would come as a surprise to anyone reading this blog that I am a neat-freak.  I like things airy, bright and clean, very clean. If you were to open my closet door you would see rows upon rows of color coordinated shoes lined up like little soldiers, every shoe exactly half an inch apart from its neighbor. I clean everyday, but please take into consideration my flat is the size of a postage stamp so it is both easy to keep tidy and on the reverse side just as easy for my Fancy to mess up. I make a lot of my own cleaning products not because it’s the green thing to do, but it’s how my family has been obsessively cleaning for generations.  You would be amazed at the power of lemon, baking soda and vinegar.  With the same passion I reserve for my cleaning I also have an equal  adoration for pretty packaging.  Clean Peace thoughtfully has packed two of my favorite things together.  Please note, if I had an unlimited budget I would happily hand my cleaning duties off to a professional, but of course I might have to let them know the shoes were placed a quarter inch too close to each other but I could live with that.

6 thoughts on “CLEAN PEACE

  1. Aloha Miss B.,
    Ooh Clean Peace does have a pretty package! I’d scoop that up for sure too :) If you ever have time to share your cleaning solution recipes, I’d love to try them.


  2. Vintage labels? Be still my beating heart … sigh.

    I like to dream about being able to hire someone to come in and clean for me; but I know, in reality, I’d probably still go through and clean again … sigh.

  3. Merissa, I can go on and on about cleaning. My very first blog post EVER was on how to make your bed. Yes, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I will try to out together some tutorials and tips, since I believe everyone should have a naturally clean home;)

    Amy confession here–around my b-day I have splurged and had someone come in. I have actually cleaned my apartment more than once prior to having a maid come by and clean. I figured if they saw how clean I had it already they would know that I meant business. I am talking I want them to come clean the inside of the cabinets, floorboards and vacuum under the furniture type cleaning. Yes, both of those maids never came back again, they thought I was insane.

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