This image is so incredibly darling I think I will faint.  I can’t give you the photographers name, but I would love to if I could (if you know please pipe up). It is so sweet and I think all Monday’s should be as sweet as this photo.

I have been working tirelessly on my product shots for the shop launch. I’m not very good at it.  I really should have used my lights and not relied so much on natural light.  It’s hard to get consistent natural light, it’s not just a matter of the same time each day, because light really changes from day to day.  These are some of the things I have learned the hard way.  I will have a few Photoshop actions I created for download hopefully this week that have saved me from ripping all my hair out. If anyone has any tips on getting consistent product shots I am all ears. This has definitely been a huge learning curve for me.  I am shaking in my ballerina flats to see how I am ever going to pull off shooting the jewelry that will be in the shop.  Jewelry?  Yes, jewelry, the real stuff, the kind you want to wear every day and never take off.  Once I have everything in the shop it might make more sense why this launch has taken so long. I don’t plan to launch all the products at once either. Let’s just say that I will be offering a few of my favorite things. So what are you waiting for?  Sign up to be the first one on your block to know when I open my virtual doors for business…

6 thoughts on “DARLING

  1. Working with natural light, you need to embrace the inconsistency of nature. I’m sure the photos are wonderful.

    I think that so many things that are photographed ‘naturally lit’ are akin to magazines featuring models with no makeup. The no makeup look involves makeup!

    Are you using a bounce flash to fill light at all? It might not be natural, but consider it the concealer and dab of lip gloss in the ‘no makeup’ routine.

  2. Alex, I have NO IDEA how to use my Speedlite, so much so I am convinced it’s either broken or I am very slow (maybe both). I need a lesson like yesterday. Product shot natural lighting was not the smartest move for me (see above on my slowness). The next round I am doing with the Lowell lights because, the editing is KILLING me (and everyone knows I quite like to edit).

  3. Andrea but of course that will be in the shop, it’s the ‘go to’ stamp whenever I the absent minded professor forgets a big event, I can make a card, wrapping, paper ribbon, I’ve got you covered;) Thank you for the link I so need help, I feel like a buffoon (sp?) and almost wish I just created the designs in Illustrator. Thank you Amy, I am so excited to hear that, I can’t wait either!

  4. it’s possible that it’s jak and jil? i did a search with google image search (playing image detective is fun) and landed here


    it looks like it might be their photo. not sure though, this photo is popular – probably due to its vast cuteness =)

    i love your blog by the way (found you via creature comforts), your writing is fun and your photography is lovely.

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