I am trying to find the bright side to packing.  I hate to pack, the only thing I hate more then packing is unpacking. I read once that there’s a Four Season’s in Indonesia that will unpack for you when you arrive.  It has become one of my #1 dream destination spots, solely based on this rumor.  I would love someone to unpack for me. Okay, so there has been one positive and that’s finding all these cute shoes that I forgot I owned.  My closet is pretty organized, everything is color coordinated and shoes are in neat rows, the problem is I have a sliding closet door that has been broken for awhile thus making it impossible to see into one side of my closet. I had to summon Herculean strength to move the door the other day and found quite a few pairs of shoes that I must have bought in an obvious cute shoe buying frenzy.  Shoes that I have never worn and shoes that I hope to wear more often.  I tried wearing a pair the other day when we were going to get bagels & coffee, but my husband refused to get bagels whilst I was wearing ‘that get up’.  Which was actually all casual with a pair of Gucci high heel clog knock-off’s, that may not sound cute, but trust me they were good knock off’s and they were super cute. I think it must be bad enough that his wife will not go outside without 52 coats of mascara on, the high heel clogs must have put him over the edge.  I should really get back to packing, because willing these boxes to fill themselves does not seem to be working.  Eight more days to go, I am freaking out a little  lot.  I am wondering what I have got myself into? What the heck was I thinking when I agreed to move 2500 miles away from home to a place I have spent less than five days in? Oh gosh, I must be crazy….

5 thoughts on “THE JOY OF PACKING

  1. You are not crazy, I went West at age 20 all because of a fast food’s paper on the tray that said “go West it’s better here”!

    The experience– I cannot even put the value on it. It was worth so much.

    {and I even met my husband there!}
    You’ll be fine…keep packing chop, chop!

  2. It’s an adventure!!! I moved to Japan with a 3 week old baby when I was 23. My husband was already there, assigned to a ship in the US Navy. He missed the birth of our first baby and I jumped on a plane the minute I got a passport and visa for the little one.
    Have fun and enjoy!

  3. Don’t go. Stay here! Ok ok thats just me being selfish :)

    Its an adventure! Who knows what exciting things are in store for you on this new journey!

    P.S. I LOVE those red shoes!

  4. Yup, just a little crazy. But it will be SO WORTH IT!!

    And yes, packing is insane. I’m trying to run away from it too and it’s making me want to cry. I’ll drink a glass of wine in your honor tonight when I’m taking a break for the night!

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