As soon as I saw the comment left by Claire S. for the stamp contest with a request for Belle & Beau I knew I wanted to use the double initial design for it; the names felt so retro and the double ‘b’ was just what I needed. I hate to toot my own rubberstamp designer horn, but I am quite fond of how this design came out as well. I think it has a vintage tin automobile sign feel to it, something you’d see at a country gas station from the 40’s. I figured naming each of these stamps will start to get confusing so I am going with the numbering model for streamlining and assist with my current stamp naming writers block.  It happens to the best of us.So Miss Claire S. you are the winner, email me and I will send your stamp off to you!  Again, if you loved this design and didn’t win it you can nab it this week only for 50% off! Just use the code SS02.


  1. Thank you Jill & Amy! It’s hard to choose favorites, because there’s so much more to come and every one looks different depending on the color and the substrate it’s printed on, but it’s SO fun to see the designs come into fruition! There’s a darling one coming up later today, yea!

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