From the creative Jedi’s at Kinfolk MagAn Ode to Summer.  The 4th of July is the embodiment of summer for most Americans and on this inferno hot and wonderful summer day I give you a cool drink of visual refreshment.  Happy 4th everyone and to all my friends that are not celebrating the 4th, happy Wednesday! Visit Kinfolk here to enjoy the short film.

3 thoughts on “KINFOLK:: AN ODE TO SUMMER

  1. This video is really lovely. I would love to set off some of the paper lanterns. They are beautiful. It has been so crazy hot and dry in the Midwest, it would be irresponsible. We might even watch the fireworks from inside the house. pathetic, I know.

  2. Kathy so not pathetic it was in the triple digits yesterday and then it poured, so fireworks were not an option:( Jamie, isn’t this SO lovely? I want to learn video!!!

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