So here we have yet another lucky winner!  This is for Lynne T. , Congrats Lynne! This is the stamp I wanted to keep for myself being that my first name starts with a ‘T’,  but unfortunately I can’t claim the date for anything, boo!  Coincidentally she placed an order last night so I can slip this into her parcel, which makes me extra happy.  I love when things are efficient, I try to be but I am notorious for making the easiest things super complicated, it’s my gift.  As always, if you didn’t win but would like one of the beauties for yourself, please use the coupon code SS10 at checkout to receive 50% off of this design. Code will be valid until 8.13.12.
On this Monday morn, I have many questions for you. I am wondering if you dear, smart + pretty person can let me know of some great sites to share my shop with?  I feel so completely lost in the sea of blogs now.  It used to be only a handful and now I could never read everyone’s blog (although sometimes I do try).  A lot of my friends that used to read blogs religiously have gone cold turkey citing time as an issue, so then how do you get your fix?  I don’t do Facebook, I tried several times to get into it, but that seems like way too much time and at least with blogs I feel like I can learn something, with Facebook I feel like I am wasting time.  I hate wasting time (seriously contradictory coming from a world class procrastinator). Twitter + Instagram I usually only visit there when I am out and about (almost never); when I am sitting in front of my computer I feel like I don’t really have anything stimulating to to add to the conversation–‘So, I was thinking this may be a two coffee cup day…’, you see? Not so interesting.  So if you would be so kind I would love links to some potential blogs or sites that I can contact and let them know that the shop exists thus keeping me from having to shutter my shop doors and get a job selling Encyclopedia’s door-to-door.  I have been very fortunate that this little blog has had some reach, (some is stretching it) but I know I need to get out of my comfort zone and perhaps knock on some blog doors and be all, ‘uhm, hello, uhm, my name is Miss B. and, uh, uhm, I make really cute things…’ You see where that can get uncomfortable?  I have been avoiding it, but it’s time to and I need your help, because I honestly don’t even know where to start with these blogs, it’s all so overwhelming! Many thanks in advance, you all are always so helpful and it is always appreciated!


  1. How about Remodelista, or Bloesem or for really big guns GOOP?

    Maybe these would be worth a try too:
    Oh Happy Day

    Everything in your shop is AMAZING, you should be very, very famous. (soon I’m sure) That tiny twine alone is newsworthy.

  2. Thank you Christine! I honestly am terrified to email anyone, I don’t even know what to say , which is so weird since I did PR for ages, but it’s really hard to promote yourself, gah! Wish me luck!

  3. It is so unfair that as your friend I can’t participate in these stamp giveaways! I adore everything you make.

    Blogs–what about Poppytalk?

  4. Jules good thing I just made you something:) It’s for the new collection I am announcing next week;) Poppytalk is a good one, will reach out to them!

  5. Truly, your stuff is brilliant as is your site. They would be crazy not to feature you. Maybe distance yourself and pretend it isn’t self promotion but rather you are your own client. The very best of luck to you although I firmly believe you won’t need it :)

  6. It’s always so hard to do PR for yourself!

    Figure out what type of blogs and websites you want to get connected to and then you can find those types of blogs and connect with them.

    Also, I agree with Christine…try to prepare your press releases and advertising information as if it was a client of yours.

    It helps that you are awesome. ;) And everyone will love you!

  7. Di Overton over at Designers Block featured your shop the other day, did you know?

    Blogs that haven’t already been mentioned… let’s see, maybe Madebygirl, This Is Glamorous, Oh Joy, Down and out Chic, Papernstitch?

    Have you tried Uppercase magazine?

    I know what you’re talking about re self promotion – but your stuff is brilliant and your blog is also great. Good luck!

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